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PSP 2.0 Software at IGN


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I tried to update, but it told me my battery charge was too low even though I had it hooked up to my AC adapter.


Biggest things for me are the browser and being able to use AAC files. AAC files take up less space than mp3. Some rumors are floating around about an aug. 10 date for the NA 2.0 update. Strictly rumors, however.


Well, went ahead and downloaded. The update adds an icon to your display, which is a webbrowser icon. It works, but inputting addresses is a PITA. I found the screen updates to be quite slow. A website like Gamespot, came back after a while stating not enough memory, so not all websites will be accessible.


I guess its cool, but I have to question how valuable. Its there in a pinch, but wouldn't a touch screen come in handy here. Haven't had a chance as yet to download some AAC music files.

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well, my first of hopefully few posts from the PSP. Typing on this thing is a serious pain! It's taken about 5 minutes just to post this...as of here.


The browsing speed is ok, faster than dial-up, but not by a huge margin.


Graphically, it's quite nice. The best looking portable browser I've seen.


Just don't plan on blogging from it ;)


EDIT: Ok back on the computer. If someone could release a tiny keyboard for the PSP it would help immensely. Although it still has some rough edges.


Navigating pages is a little odd, you use the D-pad to move down a page, each click takes you to the nearest link in he direction you clicked, or if there are no links on that screen, it pages down/up/left/right. You can use the analog pad to move the cursor around the screen, and if you hold the square while moving the analog pad it scrolls quickly down/up the page, the PSP equivalent of the mouse-wheel. Likewise, holding square with the d-pad quickly pages down/up.


You can open more than one page at a time via the 'file' menu that you access through a kind of shell that you access with the triangle button (where you also can access bookmarks, cookies, the URL field and other UI elements). But I haven't yet figured out how you switch "windows"


There's also a setting to alter pages so that they fit on the screen, which is nice...so you don't need to side-scroll to see content.

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well, my first of hopefully few posts from the PSP. Typing on this thing is a serious pain! It's taken about 5 minutes just to post this...as of here.


I couldn't even get the browser to log in (and stay in) to LCVG. Even with cookies set to "accept all" it would log me in but immediately return me to the login page.

What am I doing wrong?


I found web browsing to be quite speedy. Much faster than browsers I've used on various PDA's. However, text entry is really poor. How long until someone begins creating web content specifically for the limitations of the PSP?

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From IGN.


PSP 2.00 Not For US PSPs?

Sony issues a warning recommending that Americans wait for the new features.

by Nix

July 28, 2005 - The 2.00 Update for PlayStation Portable, released in Japan this week, is lighting up interest in the PSP community. However, Sony Computer Entertainment is cautioning that PSP owners in America should curb their enthusiasm until the time is right, and is recommending that only Japanese PSP owners use the 2.00 update.


SCE has posted a warning on its Japanese PSP Update Site stating that the 2.00 update is made for Japanese PSPs. While the update will install on North American PSPs, SCE says that this version of the software was specifically designed for Japanese PSPs. (If you're not sure, for some reason, if you have a Japanese or American PSP, the system in Japan is released with the model number PSP-1000 and PSP-1000K, while American PSPs are PSP-1001.)

Sony is planning on releasing the PSP 2.00 update outside of Japan sometime in the future -- the company states on the website that it is preparing the update for release outside of Japan, but has not given a date for the release.


Below is the text that has been added in warning about the status of the 2.00 update:


CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP? (PlayStation?Portable) for Japan which model number is PSP-1000 or PSP-1000 K. Upon completion of preparing, we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels . For theses customers who obtained PSP? in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP? through this web site.

Although there is so far little cause for alarm (the update is naturally designed for multiple regions, and previous versions of the PSP updater have been virtually identical across territories), Sony will not be able to provide customer support for the PSP 2.00 update since it is only available in Japan at this time. Users with North American PSP systems are recommended to not install the Japanese update. If you already have v2.00 installed, you should be fine (very few users are reporting errors besides minor networking glitches with PSP v2.00, and an IGN board reader who spoke with a with SCEA customer service rep was told that the update is not necessarily hazardous, just not recommended for PSPs released here), but you will have to wait for the NA release of 2.00 or later before you are able to receive support for your PSP.


Look for news on a North American release of the PSP 2.00 update as soon as SCEA makes its plans for the new version known.



Figures. Like I'm going to lose sleep over not having access to sony's legendary support service.

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For those who haven't upgraded, check out the Techni no Mon browser. The menus are in Japanese, but when you bring up the keyboard you can hit select 3 times to bring up an appropriate English keyboard. You can also fiddle around with the index file to essentially make your own web portal.


I have dl'ed the 2.0 update, but will wait until full functionality (or the ability to rollback to1.5) is available before applying it.

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