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Xbox Dashboard update

Guest Dean Martin

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I downloaded the new dash at lunch today - it is not in 480p.

Disappointing for those of us who have the HD components assigned to an input that is progressive only. My workaround is to have the Advance A/V Pack plugged into the set and swap out with the HD plug on the Xbox end as needed.

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Originally posted by Robot Monkey@Sep 11 2003, 02:09 PM

What I mean is, if they *were* progressive, wouldn't that cause problems when swithcing AV packs or monitors?



For some reason THP3 would not switch back on my xbox. Don't ask me why. :roll: If I remember correctly the box didn't remember my old settings, however when u put in the non hd-pack most of the options disappear, so this way was automatic, going back to the progressive TV is when u encounter the problem.


Some of the older sets have progressive only inputs, I believe these folks are unable to use the dashboard when using these inputs.

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I got sick of my Live connection problems (my Xbox & ReplayTV share a wireless connection to my network...they just don't seem to enjoy working nicely with the hub) and ordered one of these for the Xbox: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...0351885&loc=101


Now, with that solved and some interesting games (XIII & Crimson Skies) due out soon I can spend some time getting killed by you guys on Live. I'm probably the worst attendee on this whole forum and need to correct that ASAP.



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What I mean is, if they *were* progressive, wouldn't that cause problems when swithcing AV packs or monitors?


That's the whole reason that it is only 480i to begin with. If somone who doesn't know what they're doing set the XBox to 480p and their TV wasn't progressive, then they'd get nothing but blank screens (which can easily be fixed but plugging in the composite cable, which then disables any of the HD modes).


The problem some people have is that their component inputs only accept a progressive signal, so they have troubles whenever the dashboard is needed (now with chat, it will be more common to use it). These people have come up with a few workarounds, but it would be nice for them, since they know what they're doing, to be able to enable a 480p dashboard.

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