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NBC Universal to buy out Dreamworks?

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I'm not sure whether I was surprised to hear rumours of this news today or not. Some twelve years ago when DreamWorks was being touted in the press for the first time, I really hoped they would form to be an industry leader creatively.


A studio not owned by some multi-billion dollar conglomerate that knows nothing about the creative process (though granted it took some funding from one of Microsoft's bigwigs when starting up), and a studio with one of the modern world's leading talents in filmmaking at its helm had great potential for originality and change, but the last decade showed them to be a lemming as they churned out terrible teen gross out comedies, limp horror films already effectively making the quality of their work an extension of Universal’s own poor track record over the past ten years, add to that some utterly underwhelming animation via PDI.


It will be interesting to see how this pans out as it’s a fascinating time to watch the goings on in Hollywood what with them all in a rather amusing panic over DVD sales calming, box office takings dropping and their utter ignorance in wondering what they’ve been doing wrong for all this to happen. I’d like to think they’re waking up to the fact audiences have finally started becoming more demanding, though to commission a Fantastic Four sequel on grounds of it perking a sagging box office for one weekend would seem to suggest that they’ve realised no such thing.


On a semi-related note, Universal buying them out would of course rob Dreamworks of the individual right to pick a format in the HD war leaving them siding with HD DVD by default (which then would only leave Fox to decide).





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