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Anyone own a CoolerMaster Centurion 5 case?


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I really like the look of this case, but am worried it may let out a lot of noice through it's mesh front. I wouldn't be using the 80mm fan on the front, just the 120mm one on the rear...most likely an Athlon-64 3000+ with a motherboard supporting "Cool'N'Quiet" tech for dropping the processor speed, my Radeon 9800pro (which I'll be modding to be passively cooled), my ATI HDTV Wonder capture card (since it seems I'll never sell it), 512-1gB ram, and one or two HDs. I'm just worried it's gonna make a whole lot of noise with nothing to block it coming out the front.


Anyone have this case and can comment one way or the other? When it's not capping, I will be leaving it on 24/7. It'll be my bedroom computer, so I want to get something that'll be virtually quiet. It will be in my desk, with a door that shuts.

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My friend is using one. It's pretty dang quiet for his pc. He is using a 120mm on front.


He's using the same hardware I am:

2 gig ram

6800GTOC BFG 256mb AGP

Asus MB

Zalman HS and fan

550W PSU

Segate Barracuda 120mb drive

Audigy 2zs.

NEC DVD drive

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