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Money talks; but all mine says is "goodbye"


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The day has come and gone. Two months ago, it was just a hole in the ground, and today it's a 2900 square foot black hole for money to disappear into.


I'm talking about the Rock's new house. We closed last Friday (7/29), and since then it's been non stop work and money-spending. I sure will be glad when it slows down.

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Where did you buy Chris? What area?


We bought in northeast Longmont. We've got a 20 minute drive through the country on our way to and from work. It's great. I work at IBM in Boulder, and my wife works at a business about a mile from there.


I don't have any web space set up, but I'll be setting up something with Comcast in the near future. I'll post some pics once I get things going.

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