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Hike into Mt. Assiniboine


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Those are some awesome pics!! I haven't seen the rockies since '98; I almost forgot how beautiful they are. I envy you for taking a trip like that...If you're planning a hike like that in the next coulpe of years and are willing to bring an extra body or two let me know..I can carry beer!!!! :drunk:

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lol ok we could always use a pack mule :tu


Thanks guys, yeah it was quite a trip. Its been 10 days since I have come back and my knee is still a bit whacked but it is getting better. I miss it already, looking at the pics make me want to do it all over again. Oh yeah, just thought I would mention the pics were taken with a Canon A510, a budget 3.2 mp camera. The pics in the thead I compressed from about the average of 1.5 Mb to 150 kb, you can see some artifacts because of this. The originals are much better. If anyone wants the non compressed pic for a desktop or something send me a pm and I'll send a few scenic shots of the area.

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Awesome pics!


There's no mountains out here in Michigan (hell a big hill is hard to come by). Ironically I love mountains, fresh air, and the wonderful atmosphere in the mountains. But I don't like heights much, and I hate driving in the mountains. We stayed up in a cabin at Big Bear Lake, CA during our honeymoon/roadtrip last year, it was frickin' awesome up there.


On the way back from CA this year on our anniversary trip we drove through the mountains, through Lake Tahoe. Also very nice. :tu

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