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Dungeon Siege II Demo available

Romier S

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I know few people are interested in purchasing Dungeon Siege II from the release thread. I just noticed that there is a new demo available out there for anyone that wants to get a taste before biting into the whole sandwhich. Mind you, it's a hefty taste. Weighing in at 1.4gig, you can download the DSII demo here:




EDIT: Alternate download at Fileplanet:



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Joel' date=' add this to the target line of your game shortcut:


C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege II Demo\DungeonSiege2.exe" width=1600 height=1200


You should be all set.[/quote']


Ya :) All DS1 command line options still work. And it appears to support any res (and aspect ratio) just fine.


vsync=off - The other option I use, since the stupid thing doesn't triple buffer.


Forcing anisotropic filtering via your video card drivers really helps.


Been too pusy playing EVE to try the demo how is it?


I enjoyed it. I loved DS1, and DS2 seems like a lot more of the same (right down to the dated graphics engine :/), but with some nice little improvements here and there. Oddly, some of the nifty features in the LoA expansion for DS1 seem to be missing (dps info for weapons, armor sets).

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