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Best Customer Service Evar! AperionAudio.com


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I've probably mentioned this elsewhere, but I've recently ordered some new speakers for my Home Theater. I got them from Aperion Audio.


I ordered their newest products, the 633-T Tower speakers, as well as a center channel and some bipole/dipole surrounds. I placed the order a month ago so I could have them shipped after I moved. The ship date was set for 8/4, the day the 633-T's we're scheduled to be in stock.


Yesterday, I got a call from the Customer Service Manager, Ben Fowler. He called to apologize to me because the 633-T speakers were held up longer than anticipated, and won't be available for another month. (Little does he know that this isn't exactly bad news for me, because I probably wouldn't be able to hook them up for a month anyway.) In an effort to compensate for the delay, he offered to ship me a pair of bookshelf speakers with the rest of my order.


Because Aperion offers free return shipping within 30 days, I assumed that once my towers arrived, I would just ship the bookshelf speakers back at their cost. However, I was completely blown away when he said I could keep them for my trouble. That' $400 worth of compensation!


I was thinking about placing an order for a smaller 5.1 system for my bedroom in the future, but now I'm totally convinced. Heck, I've already got my front L and R speakers.


If you're in the market for some new speakers, I HIGHLY recommend this company. I haven't even heard their products yet, and I'm already happy with them.

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