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Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - New game from Ubisoft and Arkane Studios

Romier S

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Fans of Might and Magic should be pretty happy right now. Ubisoft resurrected the series with the new Heroes of Might and Magic V. Now, Ubisoft has tapped Arkane Studios (the folks behind the excellent Arx Fatalis) to create a new Source engine powered game called Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for the PC. You can read the full report here:




Ubisoft will release Dark Messiah of Might & Magic on the PC in the third quarter of 2006. The game will continue the first-person experiment of Legends, but will have the backing of Valve Software's Source Engine, the same game engine that powers Half-Life 2.


The game will be unveiled on August 17th at the Games Convention in Leipzig.

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Some new screenshots and a lengthy interview with the producers at Arkane. It's ashame this game isn't getting more attention. Source engine, Arkane developing, and some nice atmosphere equals something to look out for:








You can read the full interview here:




Here's a snippet from the Interview:


We had the chance to do a loooong chat with Raphael Colantonio & Julien Roby from Arkane Studios and learned some interesting things about their upcoming project Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.


RPGDot: How is the work on Dark Messiah (DM) proceeding? Are you doing well? Are you still on schedule?


Raphael: Julien, since you're the producer, do you want to go first?


Julien: We just delivered our Alpha build to Ubisoft, meaning we got most of the features in the game right now. The next months are going to be dedicated to tune & tweak all the game features. I would say we're on schedule


RPGDot: That sounds great - so the game is likely to ship this summer?


Raphael: I'll do this one, it's easy: Yes


RPGDot: For how long have you been working on DM now? I know you worked on Arx 2 for a time...how much of the work from Arx 2 could you use for DM or did you have to start from scratch because you used the Source engine?


Raphael: These are very different games, a while back, we were shopping our Arx2 demos around for publishers, UBI really liked what they saw (We made the demo with the source engine), and they offered us to take on the challenge of doing a new Might and Magic game. We thought the opportunity of working with a big publisher on a historical franchise was kind of seducing, so we accepted to be part of that adventure. Most of all, UBI showed a lot of open mindness in regards to how we wanted to do that game.


RPGDot: I see - so DM is not Arx 2 in disguise?


Julien: Nope it isn't.


Raphael: Not at all, in fact if there was an Arx 2 one day, it would be treated differently.


Julien: The gameplay in DM is more focused on action than RPG as in Arx.


Raphael: Agreed. It's an Action RPG, Arx was an RPG action.


RPGDot: Ok, that answers my next question already...


Raphael: But hey, we're RPG fans, so you'll find some common ground there ;)


RPGDot: So it is a new kind of Might & Magic as well - or can it be compared to the infamous Crusaders of M&M in regards to gameplay?


Raphael: It can't be compared to any MM game to date.

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Beta has been pretty cool so far but, its multiplayer only (I Really wanted to try out the single player portion). I'm sure I'm breaking the NDA but, I'll just throw out a few general comments... The gameplay in multiplayer is pretty solid but, so far we have only tested one map and one gametype. You pick a class like Archer or Knight or Mage and you secure points on the map like Domination in UT. The classes are each pretty cool but some are woefully underpowered at the start and you have to "level" them up as you play. How that works in beta is that you secure points on the map and after "x" number of points or "x" time you get attribute points to allocate for your character. The points upgrade or give you character new abilities and it looks like you'll be able to carry your single player char over to multiplayer. Graphics and sound are great (Source Engine) and its cool to see Source used for something on the swords and sorcery side :) I have to say too that HDR is used beautifully in the map we are testing.

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Some more recent updates.... Auto Team isn't working correctly right now but, voice chat seems o.k.. They added a new map and its F*cking Gorgeous. Knights are still too powerful at Lvl 1 and Mages are too weak at Lvl 1 but I like the "leveling up" while playing.

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I just finished up the demo, and while the whole thing only lasts about 15 to 20 minutes, it really gets you thinking about using your surroundings to defeat your enemies in the game. I can see a lot of times where you'll just want to save a game before you walk into a new room so you can see what is in there so you can take advantage of everything that is there.


If anyone is curious about the game, but doesn't want to download it.. .it seemed to be the same demo that I saw videos of from E3. Here's a video from You Tube.



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O.k. so I guess I might be the only one here playing the game :) I thought I'd post my impressions of the game so far. I like it... In chapter 5 now and from what I've read there are 9 chapters total to the single player game. I'm guessing I'll have finished it by late Sunday/Monday so maybe 15hrs total. Not the best but not bad either. The graphics and sound are great and very different from the other Source engine games I've played and I have to say HDR is put to amazing effect in this game. Most of the locales/levels have some spots that will simply drop your jaw

When I first saw the ship in the harbor I was astounded

. The play mechanics for blocking and melee combat are pretty cool and the finishing moves you might have seen in the trailers/demo are sweeet :rock That said, the ranged combat (bows, etc) is just not working for me. Even after upgrading my abilities the shots take too long to get off and all enemies so far run up for melee so I am lucky to get in 2 shots on a single target before 3 baddies run up on me ... :(


As far as multiplayer, I personally do not care for it much. Maybe its just because I played it to death in beta but, its feels very plain-jane to me. Team based play with control points and a few different player classes to choose from. Its all o.k. and its certainly pretty to look at but, didn't really grab me... And to be fair this type of multiplay has been done before and done better (RtCW).

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Thats a good point actually... A console port of this might have a better "Feel" to it as mouse based sword swings/blocks just don't seem right. And the controls are a bit laggy... Nothing overtly bad just a little slow to block or cast after you click so it can be frustrating. I would say the obvious comparison is to Oblivion: If you preferred it on PC or 360 then that is the version of DM you should get (depending of course on them porting this game to 360).

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