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Rainbow Six 3 Xbox. New details on LIVE play...


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from IGN...


For its arrival on Xbox, gamers are getting full Xbox Live functionality, including online co-op play through the main campaign mode, voice commands for AI teammates in the single player game and totally revamped environments and missions. Fans flocked to Ghost Recon's online play when Xbox Live launched last year because that Tom Clancy game allowed gamers to utilize all of their online shooter techniques with teammates and work toward common objectives. At the very least, Rainbow Six 3 should improve on that concept with additional gameplay modes and upgraded graphics.


The article also mentions downloadable content. It's a brand new storyline. No missions (from the PC or other versions) were reused. Reticle system is completely different to work better with the xbox controller.


Gotta love Online Coop mode!


Plus, it looks like we are going to get this game THIS YEAR!


I for one really like the CQB (Close-Quarter Battle) in Ghost Recon. I wish there were more of it. I'm looking forward to a game that has more up close terrorist killin'.



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Sounds fantastic! The smaller levels of GR:IT have really been fun to play - I think this bodes well for the urban settings in RS3.


Can't wait! There are so many excellent titles coming out now that I am beginning to see my Friends List all over the map. Last night some were playing football, MotoGP, GR, GR:IT, NFL 2K3, and ESPN Hockey. The Live folder on LCVG will become an even more valuable scheduling tool in the very near future!

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Guest BurtReynolds

I would DIE if they added some bonus levels from Rainbow Six. Some of the greatest moments in my entire life have been while playing Winter Chalet Co-op on Elite with 3 of my buddies.

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