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My wife gasped when she saw how big it was...


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Get your minds out of the gutter. ;)


I've always been annoyed with the posts over on other forums where people just brag about whaterver new piece of gear they just got. Now I understand why they do it. Bear with me, please.


I'm talking about the new SVS PB12 Plus/2 I had delivered yesterday. Holy cow, the people who comment on how big it is aren't kidding. It looks like a giant shiny safe.


The worst part is, I've been so tired from moving in to our house and cleaning out our apartment, that I haven't yet been able to plug it in and try it out. C'mon 5 o'clock!


PS - my wife is the best, letting me go crazy and finally get the sub I've always wanted.


PPS - What games have the best bass?

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Welcome to the SVS club! I know your subwoofer is going to make you very happy and probably piss off your wife a great deal. ;)


For demos, nothing really beats The Haunting in DTS. Hopefully your new house won't collapse from the vibrations.


By the way, I've been a happy SVS customer for several years now. I started off with an original 16-46PC, but evenutally upgraded the 16-46PC+ model. My experience dealing with Ron, Tom, and Erik at SVS have been nothing but pleasant and I cannot even imagine trading in my sub for anything else. I know some people on this forum think poorly about brand loyalty, but when the product is as good as these subs are, I think an exception can be made.

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Hey, congrats on your new SVS!


I too am a happy SVS owner. I have the (relatively scrawny) 25-31PCi - which provides way more than enough power for my current space. Actually, given the fact that I have to routinely keep the thing turned almost all the way down, I have a feeling it's going to be just fine wherever I eventually move. I really wish I could let the thing rip, but I would feel really guilty giving my 103 year old landlady a heart attack.


As for the size of the SVS subs -- my friend Chris (Ruffneck on these boards) was at my house the day mine arrived. We opened the box and just both stood there for like 2 minutes saying "Holy... Damn..." (this is the smallest of the cylinder subs, mind you). I totally didn't comprehend how seriously beefy these things are. So great!!


Use it in good health... oh, and if you want a movie scene with great bass that will rattle your walls and probably scare the s**t out of you, try the U-571 DVD. The depth-charge scene is freaking great. :tu And if your receiver supports DTS, all the better!



**Edit -- I see that Cap't already mentioned U-571... I started typing this response about an hour ago and just came back to finish it now - so I didn't see his post. :P

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If you want an older current gen game to try those babies out, play the Halo level of the original Halo (level 2) and get close to one of those dropships as it descends. :eek


Movie-wise most of the standards have been mentioned but to mix it up a bit try throwing in Toy Story 2 and watching the opening sequence. I actually bottomed out twin SVS' on that scene once, right before my ceiling cracked open and my bed came crashing through into the theater room. Good stuff. :tu

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Hehe, earlier this year I upgraded to the exact same beast of a sub. Congrats man, I hope your new house has a solid foundation! :rock


Not a lot of games seem to have overpowering bass, movies are the way to go for demos that rattle your teeth. Some of my favorites once it's tuned in:


* U-571 when they drop the depth charges

* LOTR: Fellowship when Sauron loses the ring at the start

* Finding Nemo (esp. when Daria taps on the aquarium glass)

* Blade 2 (the entire freakin DVD is LOADED)

* Open Range (thunderstorm at start and the shotguns sound like an actual shotguns going off close by, unnerving as hell)

* Matrix (more for music than effects, but killer bass all the way through)


There's so many more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


Dude, if you want to borrow any DVDs, an Avia disc, or a Shack sound meter, let me know. I think your new house is close to my work (Longmont), I could easily drop off a goody bag for you to enjoy.

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Tick, tock...almost time to go home.


Thanks for the recommendations. I own most of the DVD's listed, and the ones I don't, I'll get from netflix. Can't wait to try Titan AE, The Iron Giant, and all of the Pixar films.


Presently, I've got the sub placed in my den, 15X12X9, but I'll be moving it into our great room/family room/whatever after our wood floors are finished. I have a feeling the bass in the den will be overpowering. I got this sub specifically because our family room is huge, and I'll need lots of power to fill the space.


Thanks for clarifying about the room splitting open. I got worried for a sec. ;)

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I have a feeling the bass in the den will be overpowering.


Paradoxically, you might find the opposite, depending on furniture placement. A small room will often inhibit sub-bass because the large wavelengths bounce back and forth causing cancellations galore. The more "square" a room is the worse the problem becomes.


Congrats, BTW.

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There's a spot during Matrix Revolutions where the fancy hovership thingie lands on the ground. It drives my puny Sony WM400 crazy, rattling like hell. Even worse than the Sauron's ring drop in Fellowship (which also did it).


Some polyfill stuffing on the sub and some tuning solved the rattle/bottoming out problem, but that was really by reducing the base beneath reference levels, it can't handle it. :( That's what I get with a cheap ass sub $100 sub. I'm buyin' an SVS someday.

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There's a spot during Matrix Revolutions where the fancy hovership thingie lands on the ground.


There's an even better moment in the same movie. It happens during the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith when they're in the air. Right when the two collide into one another and create the last giant shockwave that spreads out and eventually flies past the camera, there's a moment where I don't hear any sound coming from the SVS, but all of a sudden, the room shudders from all the LFE. That's definitely a drool moment.

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After a "mini-calibration", I ran the new sub through a battery of tests.


  • Finding Nemo. 2 parts stuck out: (1) Dory and Nemo's dad in the mouth of the whale, and (2) Darla tapping on the glass of the aquarium.
  • Fellowship of the Ring (DTS). WOW. having this sub really makes this experience much more like a theater.
  • Ice Age. My wife and I went to the 2005 Parade of Homes last weekend (it's a tour of million-dollar-plus homes), and in one home they had a theater room with the beginning of Ice Age playing as a demo. I told my wife that our new sub would sound better than what they had (didn't see it what brand it was, because it was placed out of sight). She didn't believe me. Now she does. :)
  • Matrix Revolutions. I remember being really disappointed in the movie, but I also remember it rocked the house in the sound department. My favorite place is when Neo bargains with the machines. (Man, that thing had a deep voice!)

I've dug through the boxes of dvd's and uncovered a few more we're gonna try soon, like Monster's Inc., Titan AE, Star Wars Eps I&II, and a few others.


Overall, color me very impressed. I can't wait to get my new speakers and then finally to move this into its final place.


On the subject of cancelling sound waves...I've noticed that phenomenon during one of the AVIA calibration tests. In the low frequency sweep, the SPL level spikes and then backs off considerably, then spikes again. When I get this out into the larger room, I'll use the room equalizer controls on the sub to try to get a flatter response.

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