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Widescreen Desktop Art


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A few here:




Here's a firefox:




Also, remember that you can easily take and existing image (like http://www.rakaz.nl/nucleus/index.php?itemid=10), proportionally size to 1680 px wide, and then slap black letterboxes on the top and bottom so it's 1050 high. I really like to do this because I like my desktop icons organized in the letterboxes by my current projects.


This site has a lot of really nice destops. IIRC, some are 1680x1050, but you'll need to make minor image edits like I described above or just stretch them if you want the rest. http://smhill.net/desktops

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Or you can just crop hi-rez images to the proportions you want. More often than not this won't affect the composition since most area of interest is never at the very top or bottom of an image.


I'm so glad we left the HTF. I kinda like Keith.

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