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Screen Captures from DVD's

Chris The Rock

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Mods, if this veers into taboo territory, feel free to delete.



I want to be able to put a movie in my PC's DVD drive, cue up to a particular frame, and take a screen capture.


What programs are available to do this?


(I'm specifically looking to get screen grab of the scene in Office Space where the "two Bobs" are sitting across the table and they ask Tom ... "What youd you say you DO here?". There's a priceless look on both of their faces at that exact moment. I want to take that pic, put a caption at the bottom and set it as my desktop at work.)

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The reason you don't get an image is because that picture is in a DirectX overlay, and not the main screen itself. Some of the players have got dedicated screengrab features you could try, but the other option is to go into the advanced player settings and turn off all the video accelleration you can - that'll probably force it to write to the base screen layer rather than the overlay.

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