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Since the press release dosen't give much info I'll cut & paste this from a post at Evil Avatars,


"The game has a lot in common with Fable. The protagonist (male or female) is a martial-arts student and he (or she) try to impress his master and the other person in his village. He has to made a long journey in the land of Jade Empire (a mixture of China, Maya and Atzech architecture). During the journey he?ll increase his ability and he?ll build his reputation (like in Fable). If we?ll choose the good way, the martial arts school will be even more famous and a lot of new student will come to us. If we?ll choose the evil way we will exile and we?ll enter in the evil army. During the journey we?ll learn new skills (Shenmue?) and we can choose which of them increase. The abilities could be hand to hand combat skill, with melee weapon (sword, knives etc. and also environment things like bottles and chairs), magic etc."


Sounds pretty cool to me. I have a ton of faith in Bioware. I'm very glad to to have another rpg to look forward to on my Xbox down the road.

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Sounds, and indeed looks outstanding. I loved the premise when I read about it yesterday, and and those screenshots are just marvelous. Now, I really should get round to playing Knights of the Old Republic. :)




PS: The facial bone structure makes the little chap in the bottom left of that last page of image rather Smeagol like. :)

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New interview with several members of the Jade Empire team. Some good information on the making of the game and 4 new screenies to boot!




My anticipation for this is building more and more as new info is released. The top down shooter mini-game was enough to get me drooling. Possible Orta level of anticipation for this one. Seriously. I want it, I want it bad!

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My friend and I were talking and he mentions this and I kinda liked Kotor but didn't get to finish it or play that much. He couldn't gut it out and thinks this will be a quality game from Bioware.


When is the release date for it and is there any early buzz?

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When is the release date for it and is there any early buzz?


I think the buzz was building pretty steadily when the release date was Christmas 2004. Now that the game has been pushed back to spring 2005 the buzz has dissapated a bit.

I expect great things from Jade Empire.

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