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1. Is there any program that can automatically downconvert my .wma's to a lesser quality? In my finite wisdom, I ripped the majority of my tunes at the highest quality, and now I find they are not easily copied/saved to a player. I really want to avoid ripping them all again.


2. You know how some songs are really two songs, but are always played together? How can I "stitch" two songs that are meant to be played together into one song? An example of what I'm talking about is (although not the one I'm looking at) would be Queen's "We Will Rock you/The Champion". I want these songs to stay together even when selecting random play.


3. Whooter, will you please bring the Boomer picture back? (not really an audio question unless you count the audible "Nooooo" that escaped when I realized she was gone from your sig.)




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