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Gamers watch less TV but more HDTV

Adam Tyner

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Kind of interesting...


However, the Ziff Davis study also found that interest in High-Definition TV is gaining among what it calls, "core gamers." In that group, HDTV viewing rose to 18 percent, compared to just seven percent in 2004.


. . .


According to the study, 76.2 million people in the United States play video games, up from 67.5 million a year ago. Twenty-four percent reduced their TV viewing over the past year, with another 18 percent saying they expect to do in the next 12 months. Video gamers said they watched 16 hours per week in 2005, compared to 18 hours per week in 2004.
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I'm only putting in about 8 hrs (only 3 hrs HDTV) per week right now (not counting Red Sox games). It'll probably go up in the Fall, until I decide what's good and what sucks...


For no other reason than to eat up database space, my current viewing schedule:


Mon - The Closer

Tue - Rescue Me

Wed - Over There & Veronica Mars

Thu - Starved/It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Fri - Battlestar Galactica

Sat - nada

Sun - Family Guy/American Dad & Wanted

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Being that I currently don't have any TV service, I watch none. I'm waiting on a survey from Time Warner to see if they can come up with a wiring plan that amenable to my anal building which is part of a historical district. Meh.


But I have downloaded the last couple episodes of Six Feet Under and Battlestar out of previous addictions.


I also have an HD OTA tuner on its way (it's an activated Voom box that'll work for local OTA's).

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I was down to about 5 hours a month until I got a DirecTV DVR w/ Tivo. Now, I have about 40 season passes, but most of those shows aren't running all at once, of course.


I'm not buying the high-def programming until they come out with a high-def DVR that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and will work with the new MPEG 4 compression that DirecTV is switching to very soon. Word is that they are going to start leasing the equipment much like cable companies do currently though, so that will help get me to take the plunge on high-def.

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Wife and I have 'staples' that we watch religiously, and then some shows that we usually watch in a week, then a few pickup shows. Really the reason we watch this much TV at all is due to Tivo and having kids. You can watch a show with the kids in the room, but playing a video game without them demanding to be involved is a logicstical impossibility. I'm not counting the numerous kids shows I have to be in the room for, there is no active viewing going on there for me.



* Daily Show

* Battlestar Galactica

* Harvey Birdman (just me on that one :D )

* The HBO Sunday Night Whatever (Rome, Sopranos, Deadwood, ...)



* Rescue Me

* 30 Days (for it's short lifespan)


The pickup shows would be Conan, whatever crap is on national at 8 pm, and any DVDs we might have from Netflix at the time.

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I turn on the TV when I'm making dinner and tune it to Seinfeld, King of the Hill or the Simpsons.


As for stuff I actually watch, I watch maybe two hours a week. Battlestar Galactica and usually a random episode or two of the Daily Show, Reno 911 or South Park.


When Deadwood and Arrested Development return, I'll watch those.

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I was trying to get my hands on one of those, cheap on ebay...but only some of them work, and the ones verified to work ended up @ too many $.


Yeah - this one is verified (the guy even had pictures of it picking up channels), and it comes with a Silver Sensor all for $75. Could have been better, could have been worse.

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