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Largest Day One Release for SC II


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* snip *


Leading video games publisher, Namco Hometek Inc. announced today that SOULCALIBUR?II, the sequel to one of the most revered weapons-based fighter video games of all-time, shipped over 1.6 million units on its first day, the largest day one release in the history of Namco?s U.S. division.


* snip *


As someone who loved the " Soul " series since it's PS days, I have to say I am impressed and very happy over this. Apparently this is nearly 10% of their launch quantity sold on day 1.


Voted Best Fighting Game at E3, it is nice to see a title sequel live up to the quality of it's previous games. * Said in best fanboy voice * I wonder what they will do for Soul Calibur 3 ? :D

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I've seen commercials for all three pretty equally.


The funny thing that I'm noticing is the fact that they're starting to run game commercials in programs that I never thought they would before. Seeing a FFTA commercial in the middle of a college football game is still a bit shocking to me.


I think that if it is true that the Gamecube copy of SCII is the best selling one thus far, we'll see a good deal more crossovers for Nintendo. Mario appearing in the Gamecube version of Sonic Heroes... or something to that effect.



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