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Killzone Sequel Confusion


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  • 1 year later...

Possible news of A PS3 Killzone demo????

Remember this game? We haven't heard much about Guerilla's Killzone 2 since it appeared in video CG form back at E3 ages ago. The studio and Sony Computer Entertainment went dark on the title after the E3 presentation.



Rumors pointed at the game's intended resurgence at their pre-launch Gamers' Day event last year. Ultimately, if the rumors are to be believed, Sony shelved showing Killzone 2 in favor of spotlighting Insomniac's new shooter franchise (and it will be a franchise) Resistance. The same rumors have pointed to Killzone 2 being much further along than previously expected -- with the apex of the rumor arc concluding that the game has been playable online for almost a year.



Microsoft and Bungie's beta program for Halo 3 is all the rage this Spring. It's garnered countless news stories with its multiple points of entry and even landed a cover in EGM back in November (I expect the beta to be similar but with more weapons and polish to the maps covered in that series of stories).



Aside from the obvious connection between Killzone and Halo being first-party developed shooters and the first Killzone being branded with the unfortunate moniker of "Halo-killer," the ties between these games are going to bind even closer this Spring.



Expect a playable Killzone 2 demo to be released (hmm, Phil Harrison is keynoting at GDC...) before gamers are participating in the beta for Halo 3.

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So Microsoft claims that Halo 3 would go head to head and derail the PS3 launch. That didn't happen. Now Killzone 2 is going to derail the Halo 3 launch.


That's like trying to stop a giant angry ape full of overweight 12 year-olds with a badminton racket.

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Yeah, I'm not really sure Killzone 2 can derail Halo 3. Doesn't really matter to me either way since I'll prob have a PS3 by the time Killzone 2 comes out and, I hope it really IS killer! More gaming goodness for all of us.


BUT...Halo 3 is (going out on a small limb here) probaby, PROBABLY not going to suck. The installed fan base is ridiculous and rabid. The pre hype is already pretty damn big and Bungie/Microshaft really haven't been hyping it much. It's just the "halo thing" taking on a life of it's own.


If the beta ends up being a smash hit and really is good gaming, hype for the full game is gonna be stoopid big.


It's my opinion that Killzone just isn't a big enough name, known by enough people, to have too much of an effect on the halo machine.


Sony will have to hype and promote it HEAVILY. Not too mention, the game is really going to have to deliver the goods.


I honestly hope it does.

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  • 3 months later...

At GDC they showed the game. But it was very rough and was universally meh-ed. They said even the video was compressed poorly making it look worse that it should have been. I think they joked that Sony is intentionally lowering expectations so they can blow us away.

Haven't there been rumblings of this getting shown at E3 this year.
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