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Ducktales....OOOO-OOO (on DVD)

Romier S

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Joey mentioned it in the Thundercats thread, but I thought it was well worth it's own thread. Disney has apparently announced both Ducktales and Rescue Ranger on DVD. Release date is November 8th and both will be three disc sets (no word on if these are season sets).




August 11, 2005 - Now this is exciting news! Disney has just announced that they will release 3-disc box sets of late '80s/early '90s animated television series "DuckTales" and "Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers" on November 8th! The few details available now have just been posted in a DVD Fact Sheet. The sets (which will each carry a $34.99 SRP) will mark only the second time a Disney TV cartoon has come to DVD in multi-disc format. We'll have more on these as soon as it comes in.


I hope they are season sets. Ducktales Season one ran about 60+ episodes if I remember right so they would have to break them up ala Thundercats. Still, I'd buy it even it was a best of. I love Ducktales. Hopefully we'll get an announcement soon on TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck (Let's get DAAAAANGEROUS!). :rock

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All I can say is, "It's about f-ing time!"


One of the things I love about Ducktales is that even once you grow up, it's still a great show. I know going back and watching some old shows like The Transformers, Voltron, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is fun for the pure nostalgia of it, but after one or two episodes, I grow tired of the awful writing and sheer stupidity of it all.


Ducktales, on the other hand, was clearly a show made for kids, but there's another layer of it that appeals to adults as well. I vividly recall my college-age brother and one of his friends watching an episode with me one afternoon, and the two of them laughed throughout the whole episode. I can't imagine them doing that for any other show.


As Romier said, let's cross our fingers that we get full season sets. I'd also like to see some restoration work done to the shows if necessary. There'd be nothing quite like watching Ducktales fully remastered and looking brand new on DVD.

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Voltron, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


I never grow tired of watching these :D


As for Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers. Im sure my brother or I will pick up these sets. We used to watch them religiously when they were on. Not to mention they made some great video games



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I never grow tired of watching these

Or Transformers for that matter. Watched every season as I got and I loved it still. Though I see where Jeff is coming from in terms of nostalgia. Lord knows there have been some older games I remember as being decent (Virtual Hydlide), and then suddenly realize how much shit they are when I sit down with them today.

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You know what this really reminds me of though? The Rescue Rangers and Ducktales games for the NES. Ducktales is especially worth mentioning as it was a fun little platformer that let you play as most of the cast, including Gizmo Duck (BLATHERINBLATHERSKITE! ;) ). I think both games were done by Capcom (and Ducktales had a sequel I never played), and this thread is just getting me in the mood to go digging through my NES games and play them.

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:tu :rock :tu :rock :tu :rock :D




Duck Tales is the reason I had upgraded my dish service to include toon disney.

I am very stoked to here about this.

My daughter loved watching these with me when I got home home from work.

I can't wait to share fulll seasons with her on DVD.

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You know what this really reminds me of though? The Rescue Rangers and Ducktales games for the NES.


I still have both of them! Both games are actually pretty good (and yes, they were made by Capcom). I only wish Ducktales was longer. There were only 6 levels total, and you had the last had you revisiting Transylvania. Maybe it is time to whip out the ol' NES and give these titles a whirl. Lord knows I haven't played them in a very long time.

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It looks like an early episode list has been revealed:




1) "Send In The Clones"

2) "Sphinx For The Memories"

3) "Where No Duck Has Gone Before"

4) "Armstrong"

5) "Robot Robbers"

6) "Magica's Shadow War"

7) "Master Of The Djinni"

8) "Hotel Strangeduck"

9) "The Lost Crown Of Genghis Khan"

10) "Duckman of Aquatraz"

11) "The Money Vanishes"

12) "Sir Gyro de Gearloose"

13) "Dinosaur Ducks"

14) "Hero For Hire"

15) "Superdoo!"

16) "Maid Of The Myth"

17) "Down And Out In Duckberg"

18) "Much Ado About Scrooge"

19) "Top Duck"

20) "The Pearl Of Wisdom"

21) "The Curse Of Castle McDuck"

22) "Launchpad's Civil War"

23) "Sweet Duck Of Youth"

24) "Earthquack"

25) "Home Sweet Homer"

26) "Bermuda Triangle Tangle"

27) "Microducks From Outer Space"


Ashame that the pilot may not be included. Still, it does appear that they are following the air dates and this will be Volume 1 of the first season. :rock

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Well I must say I had forgotten about this release, and this thread. :o That is until we were shopping around in Downtown Disney and I stumbled upon these.

It's going to be great sharing these with my girls. I watched a couple last night and they look to be good transfers.

I do hope they release the 5 part pilot, I love the old Miser "gooooooold".

Watching these as an adult I would have to agree with Jeff there is a level there for adults that makes the show more than just a nostalgia feel.

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