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Computer freezes when...


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...I use programs like Soulseek and Azureus. Help!


I recently formatted due to a sound issue I was having (nothing related to the problem I'm about to get into). I installed Windows XP home edition, did all the windows updates including SP2, I'm using all the latest and greatest drivers for all my hardware, etc. Windows operates just great (can play games, listen to music, watch movies, browse the net, etc) but as soon as I start using Azurues or Soulseek it never fails my computer will lockup soon after. By lockup I mean an instant freeze. Whatever is displaying on the screen at the time just freezes uncluding my mouse cursor. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work, nothing works. I have to reboot everytime it happens. Of course once I figured out it was only happening when I use those 2 programs I haven't used them since. I should point out that those 2 programs I've used alot and they worked just fine before my formatting. Did something go wrong during the windows update procedure? I've heard stories on the net that Microsoft has some updates out there that will make shareware programs not work anymore. I'm wondering if one of the updates crippled those 2 programs making them lockup. Is this possible? Has this happened to anyone else? Any feedback will be welcome. I'd like very much to be able to use those 2 programs again without having to format again. :D

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I have a feeling something during the windows update overwrote or got rid of a file both those programs use. I just reinstalled both soulseek and Azureus. Soulseek has been open and running for 5 minutes now. No lockup yet. *crosses fingers* :)


Edit: Oh and yes James I am and was using the latest versions of the programs.

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Good to know Capt. Thanks for the heads up.


Edit: So far so good. SLSK is still cruising along just fine. And this could just be my imagination but it seems to be faster now too. Searches come up with more results faster and the general download speeds I'm getting from people seems alot better. Go figure. Here is hoping Azurues works better now too. :)

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