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Tom Clancy's Exclusive Companion Demo Disk


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Jason, maybe they'll treat it like the unlocked maps in the original GRIT. The person with the map can host the game and you can play as long as he or she is hosting.


Of course, that would suggest that these maps are sitting on every copy of GRIT, waiting to be unlocked. Haven't heard of that approach before. ;)


This is just speculation.



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Thanks a bunch for that update. I didn't quite believe that the new levels would only be available through the pre-order offer, but it's nice to see a more official confirmation of the news.


One thing caught my eye in that article. There are four new levels for Splinter Cell? Is this true? I was led to believe that there were only two new ones.

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Originally posted by merlot@Sep 18 2003, 12:18 PM

I stopped by EB to grab the disc, but they hadn't come in yet. So I was going to pre-order RS3, when the clerk said I could buy the demo for $10, then show my reciept when I purchase RS3 to get $15 off.


[EDIT] To answer MrJames question below, yes, you save $5 :)

Sweet! I'll definitely be picking this up! :)

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EB date now at 9/22. Should've figured since nothing ships on Sunday :roll:. I called my local store and he said nothing came in today, try back tomorrow. This will kinda suck if I get both the demo disc and Socom II Beta on the same day. I was hoping for a few days in between to give me time to play with both. Yeah I know, poor me. :green:

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