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ATI Drivers - urgent help needed!


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Hi everyone.


I'm about to shove a Radeon 9550 in my home box to replace the GeForce Ti4200 that lived in there before.


Yes, I know that I'm not going to gain anything much; it was a straight swap with a friend whose machine really doesn't like the ATI, but seems to copy with my NVidia ok.


Anyway, a quick investigation shows that this is just a clock-locked, restricted version of the 9600, and should overclock like mad to something at least remotely approaching acceptable.


So, the big question: ATI Softmod drivers or Omega ones?


I like the sound of the semi-automatic clocking facilities in the Softmod ones, but the Omegas get a good rep in some places, too.


Since they're both looking 'interesting' to uninstall, I'd like to do this right first time.

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Jesus, this thing clocks well. I'm now up to a core speed of 360MHz from a stock of 250MHz, and it's still not complaining at all. It's basically just the stock cooling, too; well, there's a 12cm fan that points down at the whole graphics card and CPU area, but I wouldn't have thought it made that much difference.


Actually, a bit more research online shows some people getting north of 400MHz without special cooling tricks; it turns out that the 9550 is just a 9600 chip that gets clock-locked by the drivers.


Except that another check online shows that the stock 9600 has just 325/200 timings; 400MHz core is the speed of the Pro model. This is one nice card for the price...

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Thanks - Cat 5.7s (I haven't bothered to upgrade to 5.8 yet) as modified over at TechPowerUp seem to be doing a fine, fine job on my machine. I'm very happy with the performance I'm getting off the Battlefield 2 demo now; I just need to stop playing PS2 games long enough to justify buying the full thing.

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