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Wes Craven's Red Eye


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Caught Red Eye tonight. I was really hoping this wouldnt turn out to be another "Cursed" *blech* and I was pretty much right. This is a nice little suspense thriller. There's no deep character development, or anything thought provoking, just lots of tense, grip the edge of your chair moments.


Here's a good quote from Rob Blackwelder of SplicedWire that summed up my thoughts well:


"Wes Craven tries his hand at Hitchcockian suspense in Red-Eye, and turns in a modest B-movie thriller that's just as invigorating as it is easy to pick apart."


You know, Craven is such a hit or miss director. This is one that hits closer to the bullseye. If I had to score it, it deserves something like a 6 or 7 out of 10.

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I loved the first trailer. But I heard every trailer after that spoils too much of the movie, so I've been avoiding it ever since. It's really hard too! It's showing on tv too often since it's so close to release date. I haven't even seen a movie in the theater to avoid any trailers. Not to mention all those internet ads floating around.

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