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Looking for a new TV


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I've seen alot of people post about their televisons and thought I'd get some info or suggestions from you guys.


My current TV is nothing special, but it has a HUGE purple (sometimes yellow) spot in the middle if it. So needless to say I need a new one. My question to you guys is what should I get.


I saw this at Besy Buy: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7045431&type=product&productCategoryId=pcmcat31800050031&id=1099396991028


My budget is $700 max., looking for HD, and would like widescreen.


I don't know much on brands and thing of this nature. Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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Keep in mind that a 32" 4:3 TV has a viewing area of a 29" 16:9 set, but a 30" WS set has a 24" size for 4:3 TV.


And the 30" WS set is normally about the same price as the 32" 4:3. Worth considering possibly staying with 4:3.


There was a good screen calculator somewhere but I can't find my link...here's a simple one at cnet..



Plug in the sizes on each kind of set to find out how big of an image you get.




That said, Samsung is a good bang/buck choice. Honestly if you can find a Panasonic or a Toshiba in your price range you would be getting a better set IMO. The other cheap bang/buck set you might want to consider are the Sanyo sets at Walmart.






You'd probably want to pick them up instore. I hate supporting the evil empire of Walmart and all, but they are generally regarded as very good quality for the $ over on AVSforum.



Spend a little more IMO on a Panasonic, $769 at Circuit City:


4:3 32"



16:9 30"


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