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XBox Headset to PC Mic socket


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You need to convert a 2.5 mm plug with both mic and audio to two 1/8" plugs, one mic and one audio. Radio Shack has a device that seems to do this, but it is too damn complex and expensive.


Now, you could certainly make a rugged adapter (I made a flimsy one about a year ago), but if you don't have the parts lying around you could easily spend around $10 on parts.


What we really need is something like this in reverse. The linked adapter takes two 1/8" and gives you one stereo 3/32" (2.5 mm). I looked for this -- casually -- and haven't found one yet.


You could always use an $8 desktop mic and put voice through speakers. You'd want to fiddle with sensitivity and and activate a push-to-talk hotkey.

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Cheaper and easier:



and no bothering anyone else in the house with your sound :D That's what I have, I got it with a $10 coupon thingie at CC last year for like $6






You should be able to find the same items over there somewhere...maybe Amazon.uk?

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