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I Just Purchased a Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2

Dave C

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Looking forward to getting back into PC gaming. I haven't gamed on my PC since the Original Half Life Mods.


My reasons for getting it are varied:


- Autocad, rendering, and video editing

- Needed to replace one of my desktops and recenly went wireless

- The Xbox demo of Battlefield 2 MC got me hooked and I heard how much better the PC version is.

- I wanted a very fast machine regardless if I needed it or not :rock


Here's my config due to ship August 25th:


2.00 GHz | 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz | 256MB NVIDIA? GeForce? Go 6800 Ultra | WUXGA | 60GB 7200rpm Hard Drive | 8X CD/DVD Burner +/- RW w/ Dual Layer Write | Windows XP Home


Price (incl. tax & ship): $2,125.98


I Used a 40% off Coupon and stacked it with a $35 off $300 coupon.


I plan on dual booting with Windows XP and Mac OS x. Who needs a powerbook? :D




So what games should I look to get?

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Dude' date=' you got a dell! :tu


Here's my laundry list of games:


Far Cry

Half Life 2

Doom 3 (w/ expansion)

Tron 2.0

Battlefield 2

World of Warcraft


This list is assuming you enjoy FPS or MMORPG style games. :)[/quote']


I never really got into the Massive Multiplayer scene but I may have to give it a go.


Thanks for the recommendations guys. :tu

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I own the Inspiron 9300 and have my GPU oc'd to Ultra speeds, you'll enjoy it!


Yeah, I'm going to overclock as well. Looks like people with same config as mine are getting 3dmark05 scores of like 53xx stock and oc'd at 525/1300 to get 60xx.


I definitely plan on doing a clean reinstall with out the dell bloatware.

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I'd go with Ruffneck's list and go World Of Warcraft before City of Heroes simply because I find it more accessible. Ok, I like it better too.


How much did the "laptop" run ya? What color did you get. I always thought that if I was to pick one up, I would get the XBox green illumination. Nice machine. I am envious.

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I'd go with Ruffneck's list and go World Of Warcraft before City of Heroes simply because I find it more accessible. Ok' date=' I like it better too.


How much did the "laptop" run ya? What color did you get. I always thought that if I was to pick one up, I would get the XBox green illumination. Nice machine. I am envious.[/quote']


I'll definitely check out WoW.


Price (incl. tax & ship): $2,125.98

I Used a 40% off Coupon and stacked it with a $35 off $300 coupon.


If you are referring to the color of the lights on the top side and back, those are adjustable color neon lights that can be changed via a utility Dell provides. Useless novelty, but makes for conversation at LAN parties. You could also purchase a clear protective snap on cover and make your own inserts.







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Wetwork - careful on the overclocking of the mobile 6800 Ultra.


I have a Sager 9880 laptop that has the 6800 Ultra in it. It runs pretty damn hot and, I'm even usuing a laptop cooler.


If you clock it just a bit too much, it's speeds will bump up to...."smoking".


The Nvidia utility I have, with the 7777 Forceware drivers, allows you to easily overclock the core clock freq and the memory clock freq.


Standard settings are 125mhz and 600mhz, respectively. When I enable the overclocking feature, you can select to have it find "automatically", the opimal settings. Those are 330mhz for the core and, 1ghz for the memory.


I'm just afraid it's going to get too damn hot.


One of the forums I visit, which is specifically for laptops, someone posted that Nvidia is stopping the manufacture of the 6800 go ULTRA. Regular 6800 isn't going to be effected. Guess they were asking a bit much putting this monster card under the plastic of a laptop.


Supposedly the 7800 go is going to use a bit less wattage and generate less heat. My video card is upgradeable and, I definitely plan on bumping up to the new Nvidia 7800.


...just food for thought.

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Derrik, are you sure it's actually the graphics card causing the temperature increase? I have the 9860 and it does run hot on the left handrest, but it's because of the hard drive rather than the graphics card. There was a rubber piece covering a few of the ports on the left side of the laptop and removing it helped ventilation quite a bit.


Also, I'm not sure about the Ultra card, but my revision 2 6800 runs at 330/1000 stock. The 125/600 number is what it gets reset to if you try too high of an overclock and didn't save your previous settings first. The core of the card overclocks pretty well (lots of variation between individual cards though).

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Damn, Big Daddy! Thanks for the info!!!! :tu


You and I have damn near identical lappy's. NEVER dawned on me to pull off that rubber piece thats protecting the 7-1 card reader.


That really bumped down the temp???


I also didn't realize that my graphics card was running a bit slow, if you're right about the 125/600. (not saying you're not). Although, I never did overclock it at any point.


My mobo died last month and I had to RMA it back to Sager. THey replaced it, obviously but...do you think that maybe, somehow...my 6800 got reset back to the 125/600?


As for the left palm rest...damn straight...it gets pretty warm! Are you sure that's the hdd underneath it? I'm pretty certain that it's the video card. The hdd is towards the back. Besides, there's a little program called "mobmeter" that displays your cpu temp and your hdd temp.


My hdd always runs pretty cool.


But, I'm definitely putting the Ultra back up to it's original speed! And, I'll try pulling off the rubber card reader cover.


Thanks again! :rock

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I'm pretty sure the graphics card is actually on the back left side, not under the handrest (note that the Svideo port is on the back of the machine...it's part of the card). It's pretty clear that removing the rubber piece helps the temp a lot. During intense gaming sessions the handrest used to get uncomfortably hot. After removal of the piece, the temp is a lot more acceptable and the area that the piece covers puts out hot air like a blow dryer. If the HD is not under the left handrest, perhaps the graphics card runs so hot that it affects the handrest from a distance.


Keep in mind that the Ultra is not the same card that I have. There are 3 mobile 6800's. There's the original one, the rev 2 with upgraded memory, and the Ultra. I have the rev 2 and the natural speeds are 330/1000. As far as I know, the Ultra is supposed to clock in at 450/1100. Are you sure it's actually the Ultra you have? Seems odd that it would autodetect to 330/1000.

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How would I find out if I have the Ultra? It's what I paid for and, it's on the invoice that http://www.discountlaptops.com has for my order number.


Of course, that does not mean that that's what got put in it.


...how would I find out? If it's not the Ultra, I do believe I'll be making a phone call.


Oh yeah, congrats Big Daddy on making it to "512-bit"!!!


Know what...I'm going to write to their customer service and see what's up.

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Well, I'm pretty sure that the 9880 ONLY comes with the Ultra version in it. I don't know how to be sure that you got a 9880 though since it looks exactly the same as a 9860. I don't think discountlaptops would intentionally screw with you, they have nearly flawless consumer reviews and seemed great from my own dealings with them.


As far as telling exactly which card you have, go into the overclocking utility and click "Additional Information" on the left menu bar. Next to where it says "Product" on this screen, it has your chipset. Mine is the nv41, I'm pretty sure the Ultra will be listed as nv42.




I also just noticed what the 125/600 numbers are. If you have the card set to "no overclocking", it shows the "2D" settings, which are 125/600. My 3D settings are still 330/1000, even though they aren't shown on the screen.

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Guess what; my card also shows as the NV41 board. I also tried the overclocking utility to bump it up to where it's supposed to be 450/1100...it completely failed to run at that setting and I was forced to move it back down to the 330/1000.


I don't think I have an Ultra. :mad:


Mistakes happen, though. As long as they can resolve it, no problemo. I'll let you know what happens.


Follow up:


I don't have an Ultra. The Ultra IS the NV42. Discount Laptops want me to call them tomorrow and get this resolved. Hopefully, I don't have to send the whole damn thing back...again...but instead be shipped the replacement card.

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Wow, that sucks. I can virtually assure you that you'll need to send it back unfortunately. You probably have a 9860, which needs motherboard modifications to get an Ultra to work in it. It's not just a simple open and switch.


edit: On the plus side though, you may never have discovered this had you not looked at this thread.

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