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Happy Birthday Carlucci!

Romier S

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Hey thanks guys! Yesterday was the best birthday in a long time.


We started off going to the new County library, and we picked books for everyone in the family. Good cheap fun for the whole family!


Then I got home and watched Andre Agassi kick ass in the US Open. It's inspiring to see someone nearly as old as me who is still on top of his game. Maybe there's hope for me yet! If he wins the final today, it would be amazing! (but I fear it would take another miracle)


My kids got me the Namco 50th anniversary collection on Xbox, and after watching tennis, we spent hours playing Xevious, Pac Man, Galaga.


BTW, there's an excelent Galaga variant on there called "Galaga 88". I had never seen or played it before, but it's really excellent.


Thanks for all the good wishes on this forum and the backup.


And remember, I'm only 26 in HEX!



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