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The Xbox360 game compatability poll

Romier S

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This was posted on the backup forum, but I thought it would be a good idea to bring it back to LCVG now that we are back up and running. This poll basically asks which games do you want to see as being backwards compatible. It assumes big names like Halo are already on the list. Also to quote the original thread: "It's unofficial but they make it clear that Microsoft have a hand in asking for it. Note they're presuming the "big" titles like Halo etc already work.".


I highly recommend giving your vote if you have not done so already:



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I don't really understand this. From a previous interview with Robbie Bach and Steve Ballmer, this was stated.


Will backwards compatibility be determined on sales if you proceed with the plan as you have? Will it just be the best-selling platinum hits?


I?d say it a little differently. I?d say what we will do is pick a set of titles and do all the technical work to get those to work. The truth is when you do some of those titles, you do get dozens to hundreds of other titles because you take any game that pushes the system and exercises it. If you can make backward compatibility happen for it, you?d handle any game that has a subset of what it does. So it?s wrong to say it?s about individual games, it?s right to say we?re going to prioritize the general purpose technologies based upon that which is in that league of games.


Bach: The other thing you can say is you can assume Halo and Halo 2 are fairly close to the top of the list? [laughter] for both the reasons Steve states. Because they?re top selling games and they?re some of the most technically complicated games?


Ballmer: ...so if you get those two, you?ll get a lot of other stuff.


Has something happened in the interim to suggest that MS is offering b/c on a title to title basis. That doesn't make much sense to me.

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I don't really understand this.

Miscrosoft's stance has always been that they want to get 100% of the current Xbox library working on the 360. It was never officially stated that this would happen on day one of the 360 launch. If anything this is pure proof that backwards compatability for Xbox titles will happen over time with new titles (taken on a title by title basis, determined by technical similiarities of these games as stated in your quote) being added as the systems life span continues. The opening paragraphs of this poll state the explicit reasoning behind voting for these games:


but with the Xbox 360 launch just around the corner this November, the boys from Redmond are unofficially reaching out to the gaming community to learn what remaining games Xbox fans would like to see backwards compatible on Xbox 360. So we're gonna help them out and ask our 1UP users, as well as the gaming community at large, as to which of the following Xbox games they'd want to see on 360 -- day one, out of the box.
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I voted for some of my favorite and under-appreciated titles: Beyond Good and Evil, Metal Arms, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Panzer Dragoon Orta. I was happy to see Beyond Good and Evil pull in a decent 5%, which makes it one of the higher scoring games in List B. Let's hope that little masterpiece doesn't get left behind by MS.

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