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Email from LCVG Staff

Romier S

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Just a heads up for anyone that recieved an email from LCVG staff. In an effort to inform all of those folks that may have thought we decided to close the site down during our downtime; we have gone ahead and done a mass mailing to all of our membership letting them know that LCVG is back up. We've also included some information on the new site design and the upcoming website which is (finally!) seeing some progress.


This is a one time email that we sent out to everyone given the extenuating circumstances, so apologies if you recieved it and are already here reading this.;) Just to make sure you no longer receive any further admin emails if you do not wish too, please do the following:


1. Go under the User CP at the top left of the forum screen

2. Go under the "Edit Options" setting

3. Uncheck "Receive emails from Administrators"


You will be all set and will no longer hear a damn word from any of us.:D Any members that may have been away or want to get in on the discussions on the forum. Please feel free to introduce yourselves here:




Thanks for your continued support guys. We really appreciate it.

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