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New OXM Scores + Rumours


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Shamelessly stolen from GamingAge of course:


Burnout Revenge (Xbox, EA): 9,8 (GOTM)

Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox, Tecmo): 9,0

Far Cry Instincts (Xbox, Ubisoft): 8,7

Rainbow 6 Lockdown (Xbox, Ubisoft): 6,7

Dynasty Warriors 5 (Xbox, Koei): 7,0

Indigo Prophecy [Fahrenheit] (Xbox, Atari): 8,9

FIFA 06 (Xbox, EA): 7,9

Tiger Woods 06 (Xbox, EA): 8,6

Ghost Recon 2 Summit Strike (Xbox, Ubisoft): 9,0

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (Xbox, Namco): 7,5

Tecmo Classic Arcade (Xbox, Tecmo): 7,6

Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (Xbox, Midway): 8,0

MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology (Xbox, THQ): 8,0

187 Ride or Die (Xbox, Ubisoft): 3,9

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger: Night of the Quinkan (Xbox, Activision): 7,0

Evil Dead: Regeneration (Xbox, THQ): 6,5

Scooby-Doo! Unmasked (Xbox, THQ): 6,4




-F.E.A.R. is in development for X360

-Bio Shock, the unofficial System Shock sequel, is in planning stages for X360

-Halo 2 will work in 720P on X360

-Midaway is working on A51 sequel for X360



There's a fair few high rated games there that I'll have to buy/rent. Interested to see the review of Far Cry as that's a high score considering the state of the demo. Romier will be pleased with the Indiigo score :)

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-F.E.A.R. is in development for X360

This would be SOOO SOO very awesome if it were true. F.E.A.R really impressed me on the PC and it's a game I would love to see appear on the 360. The Bio-Shock news is also good.


You would be right also, that Indigo review is good. All of the current reviews I've read for the game have been very positive. Only a week to go before release. Also, I ordered the UK release of Indigo (Fahrenheit) earlier this week from Amazon. The US version of the game has been edited to remove some "adult" sequences that were deemed a bit much. These scenes appear in the European release of the game, though the developers say they are inconsequential to the story. I'll be buying both releases for my collection. :tu

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The US version of the game has been edited to remove some "adult" sequences that were deemed a bit much.


Because in America, despite the game having a Mature rating, decapitations and murder are fine, but show a boob and you're a heathen and off to Hell you go.


God it's so nice to be in a forum where you can say "boob" and not have it changed into "thingy."


Oh yeah - the game? Looks neat - interesting premise. Might give it a rental to see what the deal is.

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