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Amped 3

Romier S

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Amped looks to finally be making a return. I know there are a few Amped 2 fans here on the forum. It definitely had it's own distinct feel that folks either loved or were completely put off by when compared to something like SSX. IGN has a new preview of the game along with some nice shots I've posted below. Take a read of some of the changes coming to the series:




From what we've witnessed so far, this means that beginners and even button mashers can put down some fresh tracks without being punished by constant face plants. Grinds no longer require holding down a rail button making transfers much easier. For the pros, the style meter has returned, meaning that a series of flips doesn't score as many points as an expertly performed single rotation that's landed with precision.


It is also easier to link together moves with the addition of tricks that can be performed from butter. Butter is basically a manual on snow and now players can bust out a cartwheel or a flip while balancing down the mountain. As an alternative to butter, players are also awarded points for powder carving and given a bonus for rhythmic turns.


Aside from being a bit easier, Amped still has the legitimate tricks and real life resorts. Gamers can carve powder at Northstar, Snowbird, Valle Nevado, Zugspitze, Laax, and D.C. Mountain Labs. The customization options include tons of real-life gear from Sessions, Burton, Volcom, Dragon, and once again the game is packed with real pros like Jeremy Jones and David Benedict. However, reality is mixed with a heavy dose of fiction with a wacky storyline that has players saving the sport of snowboarding from the clutches of a villain named Baron Von Havok. The Baron has brainwashed four of your friends and the only way to set the world straight is to grab some sick air! The storyline will take a casual gamer around 10 hours to complete. The concept is interesting to say the least, and if this sounds a little strange, it's nothing when compared to the visuals.





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The main difference being that where SSX looks like it's influenced by Rock n' Roll graffiti while Amped is more of a drug induced hallucination. Expect to see rainbows arching over the mountain and trails of colors bursting from your character.




I just saved $50, thanks Microsoft (or whoever makes Amped now)!

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Amped 3 review is up at 1up.com:


Amped 3 gets a 7.0


Like those characters, the issue isn't the core premise. The snowboarding action holds up its end of the deal. It's in the transparent, heavy-handed attempt to create a hip style that all goes wrong, highlighted by a bizarre in-your-face story mode. Too much late-night cable TV augmented with who knows what else resulted in a pop culture psychedelic mishmash ? la Pee-Wee's Playhouse multiplied by about ten. It's chock full of sock puppet theater, French pantomime humor, stop action films with action figures and stupid accent anime parodies just to name a few.


It might not be so bad to put up with the menu and loading screen art, but you have to play through story mode to unlock all the areas. If nothing else, by the time you get around halfway through it's all so agonizingly bad that it becomes laughable. Some of the annoying challenges you have to complete to advance, though, are not. Awkward sledding, snowmobiling and hang gliding segments not only frustrate advancement, but leave you wondering why such annoying parts were put into a snowboarding game. At least the whole affair only takes a few hours, after which you'll be able to move on to the snowboarding you came for in the first place.


And that part is pretty solid. Amped 3 does a nice job of making you feel like you're up on the mountain at a ski resort and free to go pretty much where you want to. A trail map, just like you'd pick up in real life, shows you all the lifts and calls out events you can do. Select one and a second button press takes you right to the closest lift ready to drop in. And there are plenty to keep you busy. From photographers looking to shoot you pulling a certain trick to a number of skill tests, like those from the story mode, you won't run out of high-score opportunities. But you can also just board around if you want, impressing the rest of the skiers on the hill.

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Ok this is my own fault but I just assumed that Amped 3 was going to have all of the features of two and then some. So I bought it today since I really enjoyed 2 - popped it open to look at the manual and....


No live play and no custom soundtracks *


(can't prove no custom soundtrack yet but it doesn't mention it in the manual)




Just a warning to those like me who enjoyed the last one...

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Ok some updates now that I've actually played it - It doesn't say it but you can listen to your own music during the game.


The play takes some getting used to so I won't comment on it till later but it is nice to be able to redo Media Challenges very quickly. The story mode is more than a bit over the top. Some I like, some I don't - I hope I can just get that part over with quick and just get some hill time.


Now I need to go and read up in the xbox manual - I read somewhere on the board that some/all? games will let you chat with people in other games. If that is the case I don't think I'll mind the lack of multiplayer as much as I thought - since typically I would just meet up with people in free run and after a minute or two everyone would be doing their own things and out of eyeshot anyway.

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I believe I read somewhere that they made it very easy to integrate but software developers can choose not to support it.


EDIT: ah just found I was incorrect according to the 360 Wiki (which I know aren't always accurate) - "Microsoft claims all games will support custom soundtracks"


Good to know!

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I've finished the story mode myself and have unlocked all of the areas. It was pretty good - some of the cutscenes were very funny, others were "meh." Only a few tasks were frustrating.


It is essentially just "more of the same" so if you liked the other Amped games you will know exactly what to expect.


They did make it more forgiving to start - basically it feels as though you are playing with a well leveled up player. Upgrading stats is just a minor item in this version.


The mountains are HUGE and it is really easy to jump around from lift to lift (though you do have to go back a menu to switch mountains).


There are still a lot of challenges to go after you have won the game and it does make for a very good "hit the slopes and just play" vibe like the Tony Hawk games (ahhh the hours spent in TH3....).

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I'm having fun with Amped 3


Ditto, it's unfortunate that this game got such poor reviews. I think it is a solid 8.


The story mode is over quickly, then you are on to just finishing up the challenges. I think that the graphics are just fine for this sort of game, although they are nothing groundbreaking.

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