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Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku) Series - Discussion Thread

Romier S

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I can't believe I hadn't even notice this game until today! The game is also known as "Ryu Ga Gotoku" (translated to "Like a Dragon). It focuses on the darker side of Tokyo and features many of the same type of gameplay elements as Shenmue. The game is being headed up Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind Super Monkey Ball, Virtua Striker, and F-Zero GX. Read more about the game and check out the impressive screenshots below:


Ryu Ga Gotoku, a name that can be translated to English as "Like a Dragon," is an action-adventure title with a story and setting focusing on the darker side of Tokyo life. You play as Kazuma Kiyuu, who was once known as the "dragon" of his underworld organization. The story of Ryu Ga Gotoku begins when Kazuma gets out of prison, having served for a crime that he committed for the sake of his good friend and for the girl that he loves. Kazuma finds himself caught up in the disappearance of a mysterious girl called Haruka, who holds the key to ten billion yen (it's not actually a physical key that she holds -- Haruka is just closely connected to a massive amount of money).


The game takes place in Tokyo, in the fictional entertainment district of Kamurocho. Pictures of this area remind us of the real life Kabukicho, making the location for today's press conference fitting (if not a bit out of the ordinary -- we've never been invited to a strip club in three different languages while on our way to work before).


At the press conference, Nagoshi took the stage and commented that the game's world is made to resemble the world in which we live. "For a while now, I've wanted to create a powerful, gritty drama where you feel the sense of humanity," Nagoshi explained. "After a lot of thought, this is the product that we've arrived at."


To realize the adult world and storyline of Ryu Ga Gotoku, Sega has drafted some top talent. The game's voice acting staff includes, as the voice of Kazuma's mentor, one of Japan's most famous actors, Tetsuya Watari. Watari appeared at the event and explained that he studied alongside Sega Sammy president Hajime Satomi. Serving as voice actress for the "club mama," the head of a club that serves as one of the game's central locations is actress Mihara Junko. Kazuma himself is voiced by Tayaka Kuroda, who's appeared in a number of cartoons and dramas.


Sega also enlisted Japanese author Hase Seishu as scenario director. It was Seishu's job to turn Nagoshi's storyline into its final form for the game. Seishu is known for his work on Sleepless City, a novel about violence in Kabukicho that was turned into a Japan/Hong Kong co-produced movie in 1998.


This attention to detail may strike some as reminiscent of Sega's original Dreamcast killer app, Shenmue. Further reminiscent of Shenmue, Ryu Ga Gotoku has a battle system, details about which are scarce as of this writing. Nagoshi states that the goal of the battle system is not to create "beautiful" battles, but battles that make players feel the pain being inflicted on them and the pain that they inflict on their rivals. In fact, he suggested that, rather than using the word "battle," we use the word "fight." In addition to hand-to-hand combat, which will utilize a simple control scheme, you'll be able to make Kazuma use weapons that you find in your surroundings. Kazuma will rise in level as you play, growing stronger and earning new skills along the way.


Shenmue was given the genre of "FREE," in order to suggest the freedom that players would have while playing it. This sense of freedom seems to be present in Ryu Ga Gotoku as well. In addition to access to restaurants and amusement centers, you'll be able to collect items, sometimes by going into shops to make purchases. Conversation and information gathering is an important part of the game, leading to side stories and quests.


:thud Sega is on a roll lately!

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This is looking very cool! I'm late checking out this thread but I just watched the trailer and was excited to see some recognizable sights in Shinjuku's Kabuki-cho district. It's one of the seedier parts of town, an entertainment area with a reputation for yakuza. I didn't see any guys who were obviously yakuza while I was there, but here's a picture I took of the gate that's visible several times in the trailer:



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Has there been any word on how they're resolving the Shenmue series?

Nope. Rumors persist about some kind of third game, or a release of the third game with a compilation of the previous two but nothing has actually materialized. I'd love a true finale to the series though.


Where are all the sailors?

Playing Ryu Ga Gotoku in Japan. Lucky &*$%.

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Sega has confirmed ‘Yakuza’ will hit Europe and America at roughly the same time this summer. Rejoice I tell thee!




Hopefully it won’t be too long before we find out whether the dialogue in the game will be subtitled or dubbed. Again, I truly hope it is the former.

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