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Music: Albums Purchased Lately


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I have bought alot of albums lately..Just thought what others have been getting.. I like just about all types of music so my list will most likely embarass me.. But oh Well..


1-The Rolling Stones-Bigger Bang

2-Black Eyed Peas-Monkey Business

3-Switchfoot-Nothing Is Sound

4-My Chemical Romance- Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

5-PussyCat Dolls-PCD

6-Crazy Frog-Crazy Hits

7-LoneStar-Coming Home

8-FaithHill- FireFlies

9-Royksopp-The Understanding

10-DHT Featuring Edmee-Listen To Your HEart

11- Rent-Original Broadway Cast

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At least give him credit for buying the Royksopp album...


As for me, haven't bought any albums in a while because I'm broke as [thingy], but these are my next likely purchases...


Jamie Lidell, Multiply

M83, Before the Dawn Heals Us


Boards of Canada, The Hi Scores EP (if I can find it cheaper than $20)

Kraftwerk, Minimum-Maximum (live album, but supposedly a fantastic one)

Freezepop, Forever

Sigur Rós, Ágætis Byrjun

Qntal, Ozymandias

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At least give him credit for buying the Royksopp album...


Oh, absolutely. I just really, really, really want the entire Verisign empire burned to the ground for crimes against music.


On the subject of Sigur Ros, I've never really given them the time of day, but the track I have off their new one is utterly marvellous.


Next on my list of things to buy is the new dEUS, however.

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Boards of Canada, The Hi Scores[/i'] EP (if I can find it cheaper than $20)


Damn, I just saw this at a local record store for $8 and I passed on it because I didn't know what it was (it just said "SKAM" on the outside, no tracklist). I will try to go back and get it.


But, if you don't care about finding it in all its uncompressed glory, bleep.com has it.


EDIT: BoC has a new album due next month


BTW, why does this thread even exist? We have an ongoing music discussion already.

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