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Romier S

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These are from the latest issue of Famitsu. The games trailer is due very soon. This installment will feature Snake fighting alongside many troops as this game focuses much more on creating a war like environment. Take a look:






...and here is Dante's new game in action:







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Hey guys, here's a little translation I did of the photos on the first page of that MGS4 article. I can work on the rest of them and the interview with Kojima this afternoon.



Is MGS4's Snake AN OLD MAN?!


Of all the things seen in the realistic world created by the PlayStation 3, the one to give us the strongest impact is this man. His aged faced and his seemingly inappropriately muscled body. From looking at his unique clothes, and his recognizable bandana, there is no doubt, this man is Snake. Could he be an aged Solid Snake as expected? Or is he someone else!?

Photo caption at left:

Snake is watching out for something. His cigarettes are stylish!


On the left:

Is this pose for CQC?

Is it the premiere of Snake's new CQC?


This pose is undoubtedly a picture of CQC, the system of fighting nearby enemies that premiered in MGS3. But in MGS3, Snake fundamentally used a pistol. Comparing the previous system with this one, is this what CQC has evolved into?



Is there a connection with these mysterious mecha?


Photo caption at left:

In image illustrations as well, there are mysterious weapons facing the old man. Do they have a partner relationship with Snake? The mecha's true character is on the next page!


(If the suspense is killing you and you just can't wait, the next page says the mecha's name is "Metal Gear Mark II".)


On the right:

Even more shocking images await on the next page!

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I can picture it now. Snake calls Otacon up on the Codec and says that he can't continue on because he threw his back out. Otacon tells him to go into the inventory menu by hitting start and then select Ibuprofen to cure is back pain, at that point, Snake goes off on a 20-minute tangent that has nothing to do with anything only to forget where he is and why he's there. As Romier said in our ICQ chat, he'll be code-named Alzhiemer Snake this time out.


Still, looking forward to playing this. Those screenshots look mighty purdy.

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Dante looks pretty beat up.....perhaps he's suffering the effects of the smackdown that Ninja Gaiden put on his series?


Ok, so that was mean, I apologize.


As for whether or not the old man is Solid Snake, the answer is a definitive "Yes and No". Although it is in fact the body of Solid Snake in those pictures, close examination of the forearm area reveals the fact that....



Liquid Snake lives on through the power of organ transplants!


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1up.com has an excellent preview of the trailer. The go through it step by step. It sound really damn awesome. The game also has a new subtitle: Guns of the Patriots. I hope they get the trailer online soon. You can read the whole thing here:




The nine-minute long promo for the newly-christened Guns of the Patriots opens with a cunning ruse: You're immediately thrust behind a rifle amid a squad of soldiers who are carefully surveying a bombed-out urban wasteland. The sheer visual prowess of the PS3 instantly impresses: Futuristic helicopters hover overhead, realistic clouds of dust and debris sweep across your field of vision, blinding lens flares and high-dynamic range lighting paint the city with stunning shadows...it's all very, very pretty. Just as you're coming to the realization that MGS4 appears to be a full-on first-person shooter, complete with strafing, Kojima pulls one of his trademark wordplay jokes. Several zany acronyms for FPS spray across the screen, climaxing with the question: Is MGS4 an FPS? Suddenly, a silver-haired Solid Snake appears from off-screen and pulls some punishing close-quarters combat moves against the enemy solider whose view you've been sharing. "No way!" erupts across the screen. Guess that clears that up...


Snake proceeds to take cover within a crumbling edifice while large patrols of enemy soldiers, armored personnel carriers, and giant bipedal Metal Gear robots march through the windswept streets. As Snake takes a breather, you can access how he's changed. Snake now sports a silvery mullet, slightly embarrassing moustache, form-fitting new sneaking suit, and a highly futuristic "Solid Eye System" electronic eyepatch. Snake obviously looks a bit worse for the wear, and the trailer doesn't divulge exactly how much time has progressed since the events of MGS2. A mysterious "X years after the events of Big Shell" gives some hint, but the battle-scarred, world-weary Snake here seems to have taken a page from the Sam Fisher "I'm too old for this sh!t" for this latest adventure. Snake's health even seems to be in danger: While hiding out in this building, he's gripped by a nasty coughing fit that he quiets with a sudden ampoule to the neck. After having to hunt wildlife and mend wounds in MGS3, having to constantly give Snake his meds in MGS4 could easily win the "most depressingly realistic minigame yet" prize.


Snake's respite ends when a Metal Gear busts into his hiding place. Well, not so much bust in...this miniature Metal Gear (bearing a striking resemblance to the cute helper 'bot from Kojima's acclaimed Sega CD graphic adventure Snatcher) comically putts around, revealing a direct-feed viewscreen of Snake's nerdy pal Otacon. This remote-controlled robot allows Otacon to aid Snake's quest while keeping him out of harm's way, and he gets Snake back into the fight with a fresh machine gun clip. Otacon quips that his robot runs on the Cell processor, but Snake has no time for tech babble - a war is raging outside.


Suddenly, the trailer cuts to the viewpoint of the larger Metal Gears patrolling the street: It's spotted Snake, so he has to make a run for it. Snake's high-tech new eyepatch comes in handy, allowing him to scan the area, view a large overhead map, and get critical info on targets. Snake and his robot pal make a run for it, leaping and shooting in majestic slow-mo as the stunningly realistic cityscape shatters around him. The spindly, bidpedal Metal Gears leap across the street, causing massive, earthshaking thuds as they land. Bullets fill the air, absurd amounts of debris, smoke, and particles obscure your vision, and intense waves of heat warp your view. War on the PS3 looks like hell, and MGS4's "No place to hide" mantra seems all too true.

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Well from what I gather, it is real time, but running what degree of hardware no one really knows. I'd like to see some in game footage of the game being played, but still, the situations the game looks to throw the player in seems exciting to say the least. I'm just so glad Kojima stuck with it to work on 4 himself, as MGS without his humour is nothing to me.



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we can say with confidence that enough aliasing and pixellated textures were evident in this trailer to indicate that it was running smoothly in real-time. This is pretty much one of the best-looking games we've ever seen.


According to Gamestop the trailer was real-time, not pre-rendered

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