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Interview with Treasure dealing with Gunstar Heroes

Romier S

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If folks already didn't know, Treasure is working on a sequel to thier fan favorite Gunstar Heroes for the GBA entitled Gunstar Super Heroes. I've been following the game since it was announced and am very excited to play it after spending hours and hours of time with Treasure's superb Astro Boy game (and Guardian Heroes Advanced which was pretty good, but not as good as it's Saturn big brother). Read the interview here:




IGN: Uhh... moving on.... First off, I'm going to ask a shocking question. Gunstar Super Heroes is a sequel, and Treasure isn't usually known for making sequels. During the 32-bit generation, the company didn't have any sequels at all, and now with GBA, you have Guardian Heroes Advance and Gunstar Super Heroes. So what's up?


[ everyone in the room laughs about about how often Maegawa is asked this ]


Maegawa: There are two things that we have to do to make a sequel. First, we have to gather the original's development staff. This time, we had a chance to gather the staff of the original Gunstar Heroes, so that's why we made Gunstar Super Heroes. The next step is, I speak with team members and ask them what they want to do. There was an opinion from the team -- they wanted to make a sequel to Gunstar Heroes.



[ SEGA agents go on to explain that, contrary to popular belief, Treasure doesn't actually have a policy of not making sequels ]


IGN: Why did you chose the GBA instead of the PSP or DS, both of which are more powerful.


[ This is apparently another question that Maegawa gets asked often ]


Maegawa: We wanted to make a completely 2D game.


IGN: So do you feel that the Game Boy Advance is the place for 2D games, compared to the PSP and DS?


Maegawa: DS would have also been okay, but development started quite a ways back, when there wasn't any information about the DS.



IGN: How long has Gunstar Super Heroes been in development?


Maegawa: It's taken three years. Initially, we started off the project with a small number of people, and towards the end we gathered more people together. It's not the case that we were in crunch mode for three years.


Here are some screenshots to drool over:











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