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Ok so I have an ethernet out on my HD Reciever.....

Rob B

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Its not a Tivo

I was just looking for a way to accesses the shows I record on the Hard Drive of the receiver, via LAN, so I can put them onto my computer Hard Drive.


But it does appear that the cat 5 out is not active.


I was wondering if there was software that could by pass it?

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No. FWIW, I work for a company that supplies software to Set Top boxes like that. The only way to access the DVR's info is to hook up a DVHS and go firewire to it. You maybe able to use the firewire port to a computer but I haven't seen anyone do that.


Is this a DirecTiVo box? If so, the ethernet port is likely to be for the feature where you can record a show on one box and play it back on another box in the house, along with the internet schedule updates, etc.

Actually no. the current directivo boxes will go mpeg4 soon and they will eliminate what you have now. Directivo will not work that way. They are dropping Tivo anyway.

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