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Anyone still playing GR: Summit Strike?

Mr. Payne

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I finally purchased this game and have played a couple of online solo games. I love it!


If you're ever on and looking for someone to use as target practice, just look me up! My gamertag is BackPayne.


I'm usually on late evenings (10pm central), however whenever my wife is gone I'm on as much as possible.


Please feel free to add me to you friends list!

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Sure am. Haven't been on Live in a bit due to moving into a new place and having my Xbox scattered away from my router, but I'm sure I can get something put together if you want to get some games on. I'm planning on playing SWAT tommorrow night, but how about Friday evening for some Summit Strike coop?

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I still play. Probably more now since I returned Lockdown. :)


Im holding onto it... Played last night with joey and we didnt have any problems.. The only problems with the game is if you used the female templete or if you try to send a voice message to someone.. If thats the case the game locks up.. Hopefully soon they will get a patch to fix it.. Overall its an awesome game..

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