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New movie: Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Derrik Draven

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Have any of you guys seen this movie yet?


I went on Sunday night. Personally, my hopes weren't up very high since, my king of horror is still, The Exorcist.


Untouchable, ever since it's release, imho. Only movie that ever truly terrified me.


Anyhoo...I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. The Exorcist is still safely on it's demonic throne but, this wasn't bad at all.


For anyone that doesn't know, it's "based" on a true story. I think the real person, not sure of her name, if it is actually Emily Rose or not, lived in Germany and, I think the exorcism took place in the 80's.


Also, the movies central point really isn't the exorcism at all. It's about the trial that took place afterwards. The priest that performed the exorcism was blamed by "the state", for her death.


The horror parts come into play through flashbacks, as the priest tells his tale of what happened.


While I'd have to say that overall, the movie is above average, it's not outstanding. I does, however, have some truly creepy/disturbing visuals in it.


This movie leaves alot of the "over the top" possession effects behind, and focuses on it being a bit more realistic. In other words, there is no projectile vomiting, spinning heads, or olympic bed hovering events.


There IS however, some extremely creepy body contortions that the actress pulls off, and some seriously creepy vocalizations.


In one scene, Emily's boyfriend in collage, goes back to her dorm with her since she's really upset during the early stages of the possession, just to lay down with her. Well, he falls asleep. When he awakens, she's on the floor, wide eyed, staring right at him, motionless, with her arms and legs twisted together in an inhuman way.


I find that kind of shit VERY creepy. Would freak me out big time, to witness something like that.


There are several other spooky/creepy moments dealing with the hot shot defense attorney, as she comes under attack from dark forces surrounding the lawsuit.


There is one car wreck that comes out of nowhere that made absolutely everyone in the theater jump. Even me. I don't jump easily.


I'd recommend this movie if you like a more "thinking mans" horror movie, instead of a Wes Craven style movie.


That said, Nightmare on Elm Street is still one of my all time faves!!!

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I definitely agree with you on Emily Rose Derrick. I went to see the film this weekend and came away pleasantly suprised by how well it turned out.


The marketing for the film was truly terrible though. It misrepresented the the type of movie this was, deciding instead to cater to the "shock" Excorcist crowd, when in reality this film is a well paced court room drama wrapped around a possible excorcism.


That is really the strength of the film in my opinion. How the film presents what happened to Emily. The story is told through flashbacks while the court room sessions are happening, and the filmmakers made every effort to give both a spritual and medical reason for the "excorcism". For every moment of pure creepiness, we are taken back to those same events and shown what could happening from a medical perspective. To be fair, the film definitely veers much more into the spiritual side as there are some apparent supernatural happenings surrounding Linney and Wilkinson' characters. These moments come off as somewhat hokey to be truthful. In fact, some of the dialogue between these characters discussing these events comes off as out of place considering the much more balanced focus of the rest of the film, but it's not enough to bring the film down.


The performances are also a highlight. Linney is fantastic as the defense attorney, Ehrin Bruher. Wilkinson puts in a serviceable performance but doesn't sell the love his character is supposed to have for Rose as much as I would have liked. The star of the show is Jennifer Carpenter who plays Emily. She is absolutely fantastic in portraying a girl who is in a complete state of fear and confusion. The way she is able to contort he body to provide both a believable portrayal of someone who has a severe medical condition, and an other worldly possession at the same time is amazing.


Emily Rose isn't a mind blowing film. It's not something I consider "must-see". It is however certainly worth the money for a viewing. I plan to purchase it on release since I enjoyed it enough to own. Definitely give it a look if you get a chance.

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Im going to see it this weekend.. The guys that i work with seem to agree with both of you.. So it makes me wanna go see it even more now.. They said they came away from this movie wondering if it really happened or not.. There are some people out there who believe its 100% false...But then again there are others who also believe this happend... I believe anything is possible ever since seeing the exorcist awhile back... Would you guys say this comes close to or has bettered the exorcist?.. Either way hope to post my response to the movie by saturday night.

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