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Katamari Damacy comes to the PSP

Romier S

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No news as of yet has been released on what will be included in the game as far as modes of play, or details on the story. We we do have however is a few screenshots of the game running on the PSP. The quality isn't exactly the greatest considering it's a scan, but the fact that the game is hitting the PSP and looks to have that same Katamari flavor is enough to get me excited:



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It's called 'Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy' on the PSP apparently. It'll be at TGS I am sure. I think the last mention of a DS Katamari Damacy came way back in March or April. I am hoping for an appearance on Nintendo's portable at TGS too, but I must admit it is looking increasingly unlikely. I can chalk the PSP version up as another reason to perhaps make me want a PSP mind you.


1up.com has some more information about the PSP game itself.


In the PSP version, there's Paradise Island, a remote where animals lived happily, but when a tidal wave comes and floods the island, a lone turtle sent adrift. This singular turtle lands on the Prince's Island, where he retells the story of the tragedy. Being the nice guy he is, the kind prince swears to rebuild the animals' island.


A big change in the gameplay is that time of day and seasons change while you're playing. For example, you can go back to the beach in the winter and the level's become a snowy ice lake. Namco seems to be really taking advantage of the possibilities of portability here.


One of the new locations shown is a haunted house, and you can even play as other character by rolling them up ala We Love Katamari.


That still doesn't tell us how Namco plans to solve the obvious control problems (the nub doesn't sound very enticing for rolling), but we'll keep bugging Namco for more.



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I was told by a Konami rep this game is shipping very soon.

Interesting. Both the console games were published by Namco. I'm pretty sure they are also published by Namco in Japan, so I don't know why Konami would comment unless they suddenly have the publishing rights to the game overseas. As far as whether the game is shipping soon, could they have meant We Love Katamari?

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