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Every Extend for the PSP! With Mizuguchi!


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How strange. I saw your post, and replied. Then I came back and saw that you had updated your post with more info. I went back to the index and saw a 'new' post in this thread, but upon re-entering, it's back to your original post with no reply! I had my reply in my cache so here it is:


Wow, it's a good sign when I can study a screenshot (or game footage) and be totally baffled as to what's going on. I call it 'Tempest Syndrome'

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Played this extensively on the journey back home from E3 thanks to Sony's gamesharing of it. I have it in the memory of my PSP until I run out of power basically :)


It's really, really nice, but it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. It's nothing like Lumines obviously. The guy on BVG's stand 'sold' it to people as being kind of like Missile Command & I can kind of see the comparision as valid if you're not used to Kenta Cho's games.


The crux of the game is you start with 'x' lives. You have to get as high a score as you can to earn more lives to extend your game. You get score by detonating yourself & causing as big a chain reaction as possible. There are pickups to increase the number of enemies on screen, to extend your timelimit etc. If you take too long to detonate, you get a time penalty. Run out of time, run out of lives, game over. And that's basically the game. I love, but I like abstract shooters. My friend hated it for comparison.

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I've had it for nearly a week and it's fun, although I think I suck at it. I've only been able to reliably get to the second level, one time I got to the 3rd. I haven't had a lot of playtime since I just moved, but what I have played is cool...just need to figure out better strategy.


The disc has a demo of Lumines 2 on it, and I'm ashamed to say that when I saw that the first time I chose the L2 demo over EEE. L2 is great, even though there are no gameplay changes (which might be good anyway), it's nice t have new skins, and the backdrops are generally quite improved and beautiful.

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