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A non-racer on the psp! (Loco Roco)


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Sidescroller where all the control you have is to roll the screen left or right with the two triggers. The idea is to make your creature as big as possible (I believe) - very Katamari. But the style looks interesting, and the video makes it look very interesting.







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High time this thread was resurrected. I’ve been exploring more recent news about Loco Roco lately. I’m still without a PSP, but if there’s one single game that would eventually make me buy one, it has to be this without a shadow of a doubt.


Here’s the Japanese website for the game. I’ve been known to leave it opening in the background with the music running whilst I just browse other websites. :) There’s a great little video there too showing how the buttons control the game.




The game is due in Europe over the “summer” and I’d assume in the US around the same time, if not a little earlier. Eurogamer recently had a little bit more to say about the gameplay:


Your job is to guide them by using the PSP's shoulder buttons, tilting the ground up to 30 degrees in various directions. This is made trickier by the fact that the LocoRoco can't keep still for a moment, and the fact that each level is littered with spiky splinters and pesky enemies.


You'll also be in charge of feeding the LocoRoco fruit so they get fatter and fatter - the bigger they are at the end of each level, the more points you score. Sometimes you'll need to split the creatures into tinier versions of themselves to squeeze through narrow gaps and find hidden treats, too.

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A work mate who went to GDC has had his PSP in sleep mode ever since he downloaded the Loco Roco demo. So I just played through it :D


I'll buy a PSP for that game, and it'll be well worth it even if that's the only game I ever get for the system. It's simply beautiful and a pleasure to play. So simple. So much fun. Great music and sound to go along with the clean, colourful graphics make for an awesome presentation, overall. I can't wait!

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Someone, I don't remember who, had a great point about the PSP this year. First, it's hitting its developer stride so we're seeing games like Daxter and Syphon Filter finally. Second, with the lull in console and software sales and switch to next-gen development, the PSP may become the final platform for games that never made it to the last generation.

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Eurogamer has an interview with Tsutomo Kuono about LocoRoco, the game now making me want a PSP so much it’s starting to hurt.


Eurogamer: Apart from the demo, which has attracted a lot of attention, one of the reasons LocoRoco has proved popular with critics and gamers is that there aren't very many original or very innovative PSP games. Why do you think this is?


Tsutomo Kuono: The issue of not having many original or very innovative games is not only the PSP, but I think it is getting harder to create new games as there are many problems such as cost and development environment.



Eurogamer: Do you think LocoRoco will encourage Sony and other developers to take more risks making games for PSP?


Tsutomo Kuono: I'm not sure, but I want not only sequels but also many new games to be released from now on. I want to get excited as a player.



Eurogamer: At a time when a lot of publishers are talking about taking more risks in next-generation and handheld game development, how hard is it to get a truly original, untested game made at Sony?


Tsutomo Kuono: I agree that there is image that it is hard to create games for the next-generation platforms as the cost of production increases more, but I think it may not be always true if we contrive ways to express and create. If we just have ideas of original games that are keeping a lid on cost, then permission for development can be easily granted, I think.



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Been playing it tonight in between packing up for my apartment move tomorrow.


I'm thoroughly in love with it. It's charming, it's fun, it's interesting. Every level has new gadgets/toys/interactions to play with, which is a really pleasant suprise. It's damn fun.


Lots to find on every level, including pieces mini-games to unlock, all with the goal of building your own House for your Loco Rocos. There's even a level editor to unlock where you can build levels using the pieces you've found throughout the levels.


This deserves to be a Katamari breakthrough hit.

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Loads of new, clever things to do on each level is all I needed to hear. The demo is absolutely charming, but only really introduced the basic tilt and jump mechanic, without giving much clue of how they planned to sustain interest over several levels.


I'll be getting this for my next game, then.


Although, didn't you mention you were still after Footy Manager? I think I saw one in Virgin's "buy one get one free" sale the other day, so if you're struggling to get it to the US I could probably get one and ship it to you.

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Hell, no, as far as I can tell it's identical. They sure sing like in the Japanese demo. There's not an ounce of Westernisation (aka bastardisation) other than everything is in English.


Although, didn't you mention you were still after Footy Manager? I think I saw one in Virgin's "buy one get one free" sale the other day, so if you're struggling to get it to the US I could probably get one and ship it to you.


Still haven't gotten around to getting it, no, but unfortunately I'm skint at the moment.

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