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Ridge Racer 6 - First Screens, Impressions, and Video!


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Here are some impressions from some one at TGS who played it:


The handling was exactly like Ridge Racers on the PSP, it seemed.

The track in the demo wasn't enough to test out the absolutely crazy piss easy drifting that the PSP version had, but I did some pretty crazy 360 spins without even blinking which was a bit worrying. Turbos in full effect too. Graphics were awesome though. I thought it was 60 fps personally, and the lighting was something you'll never see this gen

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Eurogamer has impressions of the game from TGS:




Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360 looks and feels like a port of Ridge Racer PSP.


Visualise Ridge Racer on the PSP. Smooth, curvy facsimiles of real cars done in that inimitable Namco way, big tracks that swoop down hillsides and through valleys, over mountains and through tunnels, the occasional swooping helicopter and little sparkly particle effect, and a range of low-res textures that go largely unnoticed thanks to the sharpness of the small screen and the pleasant lighting effects and car graphics.


There are other issues. For example, the quality of the visuals is more technical than anything; the resolution is high and the draw distance is immense, so you can always see lots going on and always to a greater degree of fine detail than you're probably familiar with. But it's not any prettier or more imaginative; it's just running on better hardware. Likewise the lighting and the controls. Despite the sunlight and specular effects on the road, the lack of atmosphere and brightness in other areas gives the impression of being slightly overcast. And when you use the analogue stick to steer, the camera seems to twitch a bit before you actually turn, and you tend to over-steer far more than you do using the d-pad. Which, in a game where you're already deliberately over-steering, can be a bit of a pitfall.


None of this is to say that Ridge Racer 6 is a bad game; just that the TGS demo implies that it's not a very imaginative or exciting one, and that it needs tuning. It looks and plays reasonably enough, but it doesn't feel like a banner Ridge Racer title. It doesn't feel like the kind of game we'll be sitting around in pubs eulogising five years from now - there's no 'wow factor'. There's a sense that Namco's turned up, but it's copied its homework - and since in those terms this is the Oxbridge intake of Christmas gaming rushes, it's going to need to buck its ideas up before December 2nd.

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