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Konami and Capcom merging?

Romier S

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Silent Hill and Resident Evil under the same banner? Apparently there is a chancde we may see this in the near future (according to analysts of course):




Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Konami Corp., Japan's fourth-largest maker of video games, and Capcom Co., the sixth biggest, may be next in line as game companies look for mergers to help raise earnings amid rising costs, analysts say.


In the past 18 months, four mergers have been announced in the industry totaling $4.47 billion, according to Bloomberg data. Bandai Co. in May agreed to buy Namco Ltd., while Square Enix Co. last month bid for Taito Corp. The companies are showcasing their latest software at today's Tokyo Game Show.


``Rising costs and falling profit margins will speed up consolidation in the industry,'' said Michihiro Ishizuka, Konami's executive officer in charge of game software business in Tokyo. ``Buying companies with know-how and infrastructure for online businesses would make a lot of sense for us.''


Japanese software makers are seeking partners in the $21 billion global video game market to share rising development costs for new consoles from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 consoles will offer higher- definition images and faster speeds.


This is of course little more than analyst speculation but it also notes the possibility Sega/Sammy being in the best position to pick up Capcom.

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The possibility of either Nintendo or MS having Capcom under thier umbrella would significantly change things. Could you imagine MS or Ninty having control of Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter? (especially Nintendo) Yow! That's one seriously powerful list of exclusives.

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