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Computer won't power on: Help!


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The other night during a storm I left my computer on as I usually do. No problems until now.


I went back and the monitor was on sleep mode. I moved the mouse around to wake it up and that didn't work. I tried to hit a keystroke.. nothing.


I tried to reset the computer via the switch, it wouldn't turn off. I tried powering it down with the front switch. Nothing. It wouldn't turn off.


So I had to unplug it. Now it won't come back on.


I can see lights on my motherboard but my CPU fan won't spin up. My video card fan won't spin up.


I'm thinking my power supply is toast. Any other ideas?


I'm taking the pc down to PC club to test(if they will do it for nothing) or I'll go buy a power supply tester at Compusa and see what's going on.

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... or I'll go buy a power supply tester at Compusa and see what's going on.


You can buy power supplies all over the place (even Wal-Mart). Why not find one a place with a reasonable return policy and just buy one instead of a tester?


That was you can always return it if the problem is other than the power supply and save the $$$ you planned to spend on a tester.

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