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Both Gamepost and IGN have impressions up of Dead Rising from Capcom's big showing today. The game has gotten a big overhaul according to both sources including more focused gameplay, the addition of vehicles (!), and a new RPG like level system for the main character. Read both articles here:


Survivors are the ragtag band of humans who've managed to avoid zombification in the mall and, in some cases, could use a hand. All told, the mall will have nearly 100 people in plain sight or hiding in the roughly 120 shops in the mall. How you interact with them is your choice. If you see them in dire straits, you can choose to help them or you can ignore them. In some cases, you may want to help out, as groups of surly and not-entirely sane individuals--such as recently escaped prisoners, paranoid shop owners, and police officers--will make your life extremely difficult. While you can avoid these folks some of the time, you'll find that there are benefits to engaging and defeating the zombies, since victory can yield new weapons or open up new areas for you to explore.


Cases are partially tied to your interaction with survivors and your exploration of the mall. So whether you trigger a specific event by interacting with someone or come across something going on, you'll have the option to treat it as a side-quest-style challenge, which you can either deal with or ignore. Of course, bad things could happen by choosing either option, so it seems like your choice could be a calculated risk.


Based on what we have played, this rather eclectic mix of elements makes for a fun experience. The improvisational nature of what can be used as a weapon extends to just about anything that you can pick up that'll do damage to the undead. Sure, shotguns are fine and satisfying, but you haven't lived until you've used a pair of hedge clippers, taken from a hardware store, to snip a zombie's limbs off. The same holds true for when you're using a commandeered jeep to mow down hordes of zombies. The controls in the game take some getting used to, but once you've gotten the hang of things, you'll find that Dead Rising's system works well.


Why do I think I'm going to really end up liking this?;)





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Dammit, my caving looks more and more likely. Ah well :D.


What I really want to know is if I can pick up packaged meats from the grocery section and slap zombies across the head with them. Shit, I'd be trying that like the second I got in there.


Then again, hardware store is bound to have lawnmowers around...

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I loved the trailer and I can see your point. The fact that vehicles can be used (or hinted at) and that there are some RPG elements being added can help with that. Also, those NPC's that can be saved can be a big boost if they actually play a substantial part in the game. Either way, I can kill zombies in a mall all day. There looks to be very creative ways of doing it too. :)

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I've been thinking about what the achievements are going to be like for this game. I hope they'll be pretty creative. Like "gore zombies with 30 different weapons" or "golf a head off the water fountain" or something silly like that.


As for the gameplay, they seem to be taking their time with this game anyway, so I'm not too concerned it will turn out like State of Emergency at this point.

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