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Quake 4 - Xbox 360 New screens


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New impressions from Gamespot on the 360 build of Quake 4 along with some good news for fans of the series. Check it out here:




In terms of content, Quake 4 on the 360 will be identical to the PC version. Again it will cast you as the member of a squad taking on the Stroggs, those biomechanical alien nightmares that haunted the tight corridors of Quake II back in 1997. We got to check out several levels from the game, trying out the latest incarnations of all those classic Quake II weapons and even taking one hefty set of powered armor for a spin.


The developers of the 360 version of Quake 4 have done an admirable job of bringing the original game's assets over nearly unchanged--we couldn't tell much difference between one game or the other, from a visual quality standpoint. But the console version's frame rate has suffered in the transition somewhat, so we hope the team will continue to optimize it, now that the final Xbox hardware is freely available.


The development team behind Quake 4 has stated that it hopes to make the game's multiplayer just as important as its single-player game, so it was a little disappointing to find that we couldn't try out the competitive aspect at X05. However, Activision was kind enough to confirm that the game will support eight players on Xbox Live. We also got a juicy tidbit about the special editions of both the PC and Xbox games, each of which will retail for roughly 10 bones more. The 360 special edition will contain the full game of Quake II, so you can go back and see how the story began, and this version of the game is said to be graphically enhanced to some degree (though specifics weren't available). The PC special edition won't dress up any old classics, but it will have something potentially much nicer: every Quake game and expansion pack ever released, along with the new game, all on one DVD. Quake nerds, try not to salivate onto your keyboards too much (and if you do, at least try to keep the drool off your W, A, S, and D keys). Look for a full review of Quake 4 PC when it ships and more news on the Xbox 360 game in the coming weeks.


Nice stuff on the CE's!

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So the gamespot review be damned I wanted this game pre-launch and don't feel like trying to get it running on the pc so I picked it up. Played a few hours last night and haven't had any of the framerate issues people are hung up on. Of course, Gamespot's review has been the lowest I've seen and most sites are reviewing it with a score closer to the pc's (8's and such). Are there frame-rate hic-cups - probably. Have I noticed or cared- no. It's probably going to be one of those things that annoy the type of person who pays $500 for the latest video card to squeeze a few more frames out of the latest 1st person PC shooter. Outside of that, I've been very impressed (and very dead on a number of occasions!!!). True, IGN's review states that the framerates take a bigger hit later in the game but all the same, I'm very happy with the purchase.

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Quake 2 looks almost exactly like I remember the PC version looking (in the open GL mode). Sadly, it does not appear to come with the expansions. I believe that the expansions are only included in the deluxe edition or whatnot of the PC version. Play-wise, I only played a few of the levels (till I got the dbl-barrel shotgun) and it plays the same as pretty much any other 1st person shooter on the xbox / 360 - in other words - great pick up and playablility.

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Bought it and traded it back in after two days. I guess it's nice that it sticks to its roots but, as a gamer, I have evolved beyond what Quake has to offer.

Just like with the old Quakes enemies appear from a distance and run toward you to attack.


It uses darkness as a level design element. However, with a lighting engine which is so realistic in some respects it makes the use of darkness to conceal enemy spawn points as unrealistic. Use the darkness to conceal ceiling mounted turrets is cool but gameplay-wise, the only way to defeat the turrets is to die, remember where the first one was, die again, remember where the 2nd one was, eventually use your memorization skills to take out the turrets. That's lame. That's 10 year-old gameplay. Better designed obstacles have been done since and I am unable/unwilling to play through a game which hasn't evolved.

Other lighting gripes include the outdoor areas. If I'm outside and it's daylight why is the only light source on the characters my flashlight and the ground level light sources? What about that big ball of light in the sky?


On the positive side I only noticed the frame rate drop during the cinemas. In game, the action was very smooth.


I'm still not a fan of the Doom III engine either. I hoped this game would change that but no luck. Get me some textures that really look like skin, cloth, metal -instead of a whole world that looks like one big porcelain-coated normal mapped mess.


I think I'll wait before buying another 360 game. Loved Call of Duty, PDZ is OK, but struck out big with Kameo and Quake.

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Camp how far did you get into the game? I hear it really opens up towards the end.


Yea, friends kept telling me that once you become a Strogg (hope that's not a spoiler as the game's trailer and many reviews clearly announce that plot point) the game really gets better. Part of me wishes I had held out for that point in the game.

Honestly, I didn't have the patience to put up with the game to get that far in. Perhaps not a fair shake but I had such a reaction to the game's asthetics (both in terms of visual asthetics and gameplay design asthetics) that I didn't care to proceed.

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Okay, since the conversation seems to have picked up again. I finished the game on the normal difficultly level last night. I had played through most of Act 2 (so yes, close to 2/3 of the game) on hard, but was tired of looking at more loading screens than playing screens.


Having said that - I quite enjoyed the game (but I'm also an ID whore so there ya go). The framrate takes a minor hit here and there and the only time I even really noticed it was in a very short tram level towards the very end of the game - it doesn't affect gameplay, but you can easily notice it. However, there are a number of things blowing up at the time while you are riding a fairly quickly moving tram. I did find it a bit odd that the jump in difficulty between normal and hard is quite as high as it is - I only died a few times on normal but on hard, I felt as if I was inching my way through the game (thank god you can save anywhere). If you're a fan of Doom 3 (which I also really liked) - you'll be right at home here - just remember, while Doom 3 was referred to as a "haunted house" type of environment, Quake 4 is the roller coaster of death.


As far as the multiplayer options go - I only played a few rounds of deathmatch on live. The action was very smooth, and I didn't notice any lag / drop issues. As far as how it plays, think of Quake 4 including Quake 3 for free - it's the same thing - so either you still enjoy the Quake 3 multiplayer stuff - or you don't.


Bottom line - while I may have a slanted view of the game, I'm really quite happy with the purhcase. I bought this over Call of Duty mostly because of the atmosphere and story - not that I won't be picking up COD2, I will, but this was higher on my list. I'm sure I'll go back and finish the game on hard (I at least kept my save point) and I'll be right in line when the inevitable sequel / expansion is released.


Pros -

Graphics - if not from a technical side, ceratinly from the artistic side

Weapons - just fun! Gotta love the Quake boomstick (okay, shotgun)

Length - hmm, tough call - I finished the "normal setting" in basically a few days. However, that was A) one full day of dedicated playing and B) after playing 2/3rds of the game on the hard setting - but it still seems like a good length (10-12 hours<ish>)

Quake 2 included on the bonus disc - yeah baby! - however, it looks just like you remember it looking - don't expect it to be all 360 prettied up

The cutscene when you're strogged - you just have to see that! :D


Cons -

Don't play the game for the ending -you've played ID games before - this should not be a surprise

Final Boss - Will kick your buttocks 6 ways to Sunday until you find the pattern where you won't even be touched and finish him off in about 45 seconds

Difficulty jump - again normal was a bit too easy, and hard was a bit too frustrating - the "legendary" setting just scares me

Loading time - a touch long (30 seconds or so?), but good level size and it's only really noticeable when you've saved right before a room where you're going to be called Sr Killed Alot. (that's just aggrivating)



The perplexing -

Why is it that you get the same gamer points for completing sections regardless of difficulty? You'd think normal would be worth more than easy and hard more than normal - but nope - same points no matter (you do get additional achievements by completeing stage 1 / 2/ game for each difficutly level)


Overall score 8.4 / B+ that's my opinion based on no scientific formula whatsoever!

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  • 2 months later...

I am in to Act 2 and stayed away from this thread because I didn't want to read any spoilers. I really enjoy this game and I love the Act 1/Act 2 transition. My only gripe with the game is the long ass load times. I like the story, the missions, the controls, the graphics and the NPCs are cool. Unfortunate we don't have more members with this game, we have a blast online.

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Yeah, online is a blast, but to be fair, if you're playing with decent people Pong would be fun. Still, Quake 4 is fun and the single player was surprisingly good, especially later on when the AI ramps up a bit. I had absolutely no interest in this title until I played the marketplace demo and wound up buying it 2 days later.

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It was glorious on the pc; graphics wise, if your rig could handle it. The sound is stellar! Every scene has some cool ass ambient effects going.


Thought it was vastly superior to Doom III in just about every single way.


I wish Raven would've NOT blown the whole spoiler about becoming a Strogg, before the game was even released. I wouldn't have seen it coming.

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