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KOEI has Fatal Inertia (PS3 and 360)


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Now that the game I'm working on has been revealed I can finally say "That's what I'm working on!" :)


IGN is telling it straight...




September 15' date=' 2005 - In a press conference held today at the New Otani hotel in Makuhari Messe, KOEI revealed a brand new IP for the upcoming PlayStation 3 videogame system. Titled Fatal Inertia and developed by KOEI's new studio in Canada, the new combat racer is expected to launch with the PlayStation 3 in the spring of 2006. It's also being designed specifically to appeal to the western market.


Officially described as "a contrast of vibrant, futuristic vehicles battling and racing in a variety of beautiful, natural environments," Fatal Inertia is a 23rd century sport that mixes street racing, rally racing, and demolition derbies and is also said to have six main goals: 1.) to have a realistic world based on physics, 2.) to have a variety of physics-based weaponry, 3.) to boast completely customizable vehicles, 4.) to entertain a large variety of game modes, 5.) to show off several nature-based stages, and 6.) to thrill gamers in multiplayer battles.


Of those listed above, the area that KOEI seemed to stress most was the game's physics. When used in combat, rock walls aren't just there for pretty pictures -- they can be used for instant landslides against your opponents too. In fact, because of all the destructible objects and realistic physics reactions, KOEI claims that you'll never have the same gameplay experience twice. Furthermore, the various competitive and cooperative options mean that you'll be able to use woodlands, canyons, and glacial ranges to your advantage no matter how many friends you have (or don't).


To check out the very first screens of Fatal Inertia for yourself, just click on the media page below. We'll be back with more info as soon as it becomes available.[/quote']


GameSpot has good video coverage.


1up.com's preview is also good.


I'm glad we've said that it's aimed at western markets, because it's supposed to be (despite what it may look like right now). Hopefully our Japanese staff members won't be offended when I say "It looks way too Japanese!" during our first post-TGS meeting next week :)


I'd love to say more, but I'm probably not supposed to be saying anything at all ;) I do believe there's a lot of potential in the designer's vision. Here's hoping we're able to realize enough of that vision in time (for the PS3 launch).

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Oh ya... I'm just one of the many programmers on the team.


I'd like to say the engine guys are great, but since we "are currently discussing middleware options with Sony to pick the best one, but are not prepared to make any announcements yet," I guess we're not totally settled on the engine quite yet.


Sony's being perfectly supportive, too.

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Very cool. Great to have a regular member out there really making this stuff.


Dogbert has been on a dev team or two himself. He worked on one of the Terminator 3 games (one of them that didn't suck). So therefore you know two regulars making this stuff.


I've made some games in Director by myself and collaborated on three games released on the PocketPC, but certainly nothing on the magnitude of a PS3 release.

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Some new Fatal Intertia screens:












The game looks like it's coming along nicely. I'm still not a fan of the ship designs at all though. They remind me of the purchaseable vehicles in Anarchy Online (for those that remember that game) and just look a bit too generic for my tastes. The game really kind of reminds me of a next gen version of a game called Powerdrome that released on the Xbox:



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I actually rather like the ship in the fourth of those new screens. The cockpit looks a bit like a Lotus Exige with wings bolted on the sides. In a good way.


As far as the game, it looks a little bit like Powerdrome's vehicles, but an awful lot more (to me) like neglected PS1 title NGen Racing's environments paired with it.


Not to suggest that they're PS1 quality, obviously, but in terms of a naturalistic landscape, with gates that require you getting low to the ground.


The proof is when we see whether they're actual flying vehicles, or your wipEout-style hovercraft.

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Hey now...












I'm still not a fan of the ship design at all. I would have preferred something a bit sleeker but that's personal preference. I mentioned previously that the game reminded me of Powerdrome but now I'm really leaning towards Quantum Shift. Either way, it looks better every time a new set of screenshots appear. Hopefully we'll see that hard work translate on the gameplay side also.

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Covak, any extra inside info you can add to this story?


Fatal Inertia to miss November launch



Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, Koei game developers have cited middleware issues as the basis of the games delay.


It now appears that Fatal Inertia will be missing its November 17th launch date and that this is due to problems the team are having with Epics Unreal Engine 3.0.


Sony and Epic are helping the dev team set things right and the team hope to launch the Japanese version of the game before the end of the year. No official delay announcement s has presently been made.


Fatal Inertia is a PlayStation 3 exclusive title which will be taking advantage of the tilt function on the PlayStation 3 controller, and will be running natively at 720p.


Fatal Inertia is a super high speed racing game of the same ilk as WipeOut.

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