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Xmen Legends 2 - 4 man group needed

Romier S

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The game doesn't officially release for another two days, but I wanted to get our group together for when it does hit. The game features 4 man online coop. So pretty much post here if you want into a group. Post your gamertag and claim your character now so that way we all know who we'll be playing in game. We can swich off characters during the different sessions if you wish down the line.


Here is the list of available Xmen/Brotherhood members (three more unlockable characters available supposedly):





























My Gamertag: Futurevoid

Character: Magneto


Once the first group of 4 fills up, we'll start on the second and so on.

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Do you basically play on a save that 'belongs' to the Host and all of the characters are stored on his machine?


According to a TeamXbox review, yes. When playing multiplayer coop, you're effectively taking over NPCs & joining in the host's game. So players join the host's game, take over a NPC, switch it to a character that's unlocked, and play continues on from that point.

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Well, now we have to divide us players into groups that use the same television standard, video mode and resolution.


What the fuck were they thinking with this game?


I have not made the jump to HD, just a standard TV. Does this mean I'm out of the loop now? I plan on picking it up tomorrow, but if I can't do coop with everyone..I might have to reconsider. :(

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Ugh, the online implementation of this game leaves so much to be desired it's not even funny. The TV resolution thing is utterly retarded. As Brian mentioned, it's complete poo. So anyone playing in 480p Widescreen will need to both turn off Widescreen in the dashboard and disable 480p to play with someone on a regular old TV set. That's how picky the game is about television resolutions. I can understand framerate differences with 720p (even if it's still bullshit to require some kind of TV compatability for online play) but 480p and widescreen? One word: UGH.


Also, I have not found a way to edit my characters while playing a game unless I'm the host. There has to be a way to do it since I'm able to view the details for the the first character I highlight, but none of the others. When I play as host, I can view them all except for the one the other player is highlighting.


I'm really disappointed with this so far. When you get into the game and start playing, it can be very fun but why is it that developers include almost ZERO instructions for thier online implementation in the games fucking manual? I don't want to have to play a guessing game or play beta tester when I want to jump online.:(

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Even with the annoyances, I do want to stress that once you're in game and playing it's good fun. I'll be on again tommorrow night hoping that a fresh day will give a fresh perspective and some clarity to some of the issues I had this evening. I personally don't mind going 480i to play with you guys if you do want to hop on. I see no reason to start posting separate 480p/720p and 480i games.

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I'll be on tonight as well. Around 8pm EST sound good to everyone?


EDIT: By the way, I have no issue going 480i to play with folks. I'm not even going to start segmenting groups of 480i, 480p, 720p. For the sake of consistency, everyone set thier dashboard to no on widescreen and no to all resolutions when play time comes. Getting a good group together is more important to me than graphics.

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Well, I hopped on at about 9:10 and no one was on. I saw Lupo hop on for a bit while I was playing the single player, but by that point I only played for about another 20 minutes or so. We'll have to give it a try either tommorrow night or Saturday. I may have company coming over tommorrow so I don't know if I'll be able to play, but Saturday is a definite.

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