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Americas Army Xbox


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Well... no game will ever come close to what it's really like. If I had to name a game that came close to it though it would be Americas Army, or Men of Valor. I had fun playing the PC version and am wondering how close this one will be to the PC version. A lot of FPS's that claim to be what its like are way off.

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Some of the assets of the PC version are making thier way into the console arena Mithran. You can read a preview for the game at Gamespot here:


The core gameplay in Rise of a Soldier will be similar to what players may be familiar with in the PC version, but Secret Level is crafting some unique gameplay mechanics to set Rise of a Soldier apart from the pack of tactical shooters that are out on consoles. Chief among these is the combat-effectiveness meter, which indicates how ready you are to fight. Most other games merely take your stance--standing, crouching, or prone--into account in determining your accuracy, but America's Army also looks at your health, skill levels, experience, rank, and even what's going on around you in determining your combat readiness. Your overall effectiveness is then displayed on a simple meter that's on the heads-up display at all times.


The other interesting gameplay aspect is the zoom-level view for firing, which looks to be a lot more realistic than in other such games. You'll be able to raise your rifle to eye level and use the iron sights to more accurately draw a bead on your target. But once you've zoomed in, your range of motion will be pretty limited. You'll essentially have to pick your target before zooming in, which will get you close to your mark, and then you'll fine-tune your aiming with the thumbstick to get the right shot. As with most of your abilities, you'll further improve your aiming by investing skill points as you progress through the game.


We got our hands on the game for a few minutes after our demo, and though the game is still several months away from release, the core gameplay feels solid. We tried a Special Forces mission from late in the game to check out the command abilities, which are accessed through a quick radial menu. You can use this interface to have your team advance, lay down suppressing fire, use a grenade launcher, or even call in a mortar strike from offscreen. The iron-sights aiming system also works well, though it may take a little getting used to. By the end of our demo, we were picking off enemies with relative ease and subtle aiming adjustments, so it seems that the system is easy to get a feel for.



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Combat effectiveness gets me really excited. Not so much the fact that if you take a hit you can't fight, but the surroundings part of it. If you are behind a wall or birm or something and you are being suppressed by a machine gun or two (a whole hell of a lot of fire in your direction) you can't get up and take a well aimed shot because you'll be cut to shreds. If this is true there will be a whole lot more covering fire and flanking. Think Full Spectrum Warrior, when you suppressed a bad guy he couldn't fire back, and your other team could flank him. Except you'll be behind the gun.

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Well I love it. The graphics are like the PC version maybe better. The only thing that I don't like is the online ranking system. You have to play and get experience like Lockdown but it's still quite possible to kill someone who is at the top rank. It just takes play time to get experience. You can start your own private servers though and play with friends or you can optimatch rooms that only allow your rank and lower.


You get hit good luck shooting accurately, until you heal yourself, and then depending on how much conditioning you have you may not be able to shoot well the rest of the match. If you do go down a team mate can stabalize you and get you back in the fight. You get a lot of fire coming down on you, good luck trying to hit something, a lot of fire and maneuver and flanking. Good shooters can keep the your head down but throw a smoke grenade out and let it billow and you can move to another position and catch him from behind, unless he's smart and uses your smoke to move but most aren't that smart. A good team will have people who are good at different things. When you start your character, you can choose a specialized persona, like command(good leader FTL or Squad, if a leader of either type has a high leadership skill the whole squad or team will shoot, move, heal and run farther and faster), sharpshooters make good snipers or players who customize their M-4 SOPMODS with the scope, suppressor, and bipods as a short range sniper support. Close combat soldiers are hardier and better close in. Lifesavers are just like medics but can still do the fighting. They can heal other players very fast. You could play through the singleplayer game because the maps are the same and most of the online gameplay is mission based.

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