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Gwa dam reailty TV it happened

Rob B

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How many are you down to in the US right now, and which series is it? We've just had the one where they had to sell a new M&Ms bar on the streets, bringing it down to the final four at the end of the day. I think it's series 2.


Do you lot get the UK version? It's quite good and rather interesting how different the attitudes are; I find myself hating the Americans a lot less, but Alan Sugar is hilarious.

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How many are you down to in the US right now

Season 4 just started last night. Down to 15( I think).


The girl they cut last night was a bitch and shot herself in the foot. "I can't work with women". The look on Donald and Carolyns face was PRICELESS.


On a side note, the Martha version isn't all that good IMHO. My wife is a big Martha fan and pretty much fast forwarded thru the episode. She may not watch much more of it. Martha is just too nice.

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Great episode tonight was kinda surprised by the out come

Chris did not bring someone Else besides Marcus in with him to the board room, he had so many opportunities to. To arrogant I guess made his own noose.




Next week they get to teach the elderly how to use all the latest technology including Xbox's :D

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Chris did the right thing IMHO but he failed to make the point that Markus was incompetent. He could have pointed out that since he had been working with Markus now on 2 projects and they didn't think he was good enough to get the exemption that Markus was incompetent and deserves to be fired.


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